High End Salvage

By Kate Riley May 12, 2009

There is an amazing hunting ground just over the hill in Sonoma called Artefact Design and Salvage.   Inside, you’ll witness some decor that would make any designer swoon.  Outside is a massive architectural salvage yard that sets my heart awhirl.  It’s all way out of my budget of course, but inspirational to look at. 

Interior shots: 

artefact 7 

artefact 5

globe lights

  artefact interior

butterfly branches 

Check out these chandeliers, all so different: 

artefact 10

artifact 4

artifact 3

artefact 9

Here are a few images from the salvage yard outside:

doors in yard

doors in yard 2


blue glass

marble balls

grayhounds branches

artefact 1 

artefact 8

In my conversation with the manager a few weeks ago, I was told that Restoration Hardware photographed their store and in his opinion “copied” many of their ideas.  This is complete hearsay, of course, but I couldn’t help noticing these pieces from RH’s spring collection:

Entablature Mirror, $3,290

entablature mirror

Trestle Wood Salvaged Dining Table, $3,290

trestle wood salvaged table

trestle dining table

Salvaged Wood Sideboard, $2,990

salvaged wood sideboard

Gun Barrel Salvaged Dining Table, $3,290:

gun barrel salvaged table

gun barrel dining

I say, if his opinion is correct, then imitation is the best form of flattery.


  1. Wow, that is amazing!! We have a place like that (in a realllly bad part of town) that I love…I am alway shocked at how expensive it all is though. It is massive and I could spend hours there, drooling. :)

  2. Wow! Love all those old doors. I have a door fetish.

    And cute little stool redo for your vanity. I wish I was that creative. Sadly, I have no talent.

  3. Wow! I NEED one of those giant chunks of green glass. And those doors… I may faint. Gorgeous. Places like that make my heart ache.

  4. What a super fun store. It looks like you could spend forever in there just looking.

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