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By Kate Riley May 5, 2009

Two days ago, I was discussing nightstands with my cousin Jeannie in Tucson and telling her how much I want to replace mine with one of these Terrific Trios from Ballard Designs.

 ballard table

Then I saw one on Craigslist this past weekend and quickly snapped it up for $25.  TOTAL SCORE !  It includes the 30” table, the custom fit tablecloth in ivory, and the glass table top.  This triplet retails for at least $130 for just the basic cloth. 

Before, I had two small pieces operating as storage, a nightstand and an old end table, where I stored all of my reading materials. It was cluttered and not attractive. 


nightstand before

I can’t really afford to go out and buy new lamps at this moment, so I just spray painted the old ones with Rustoleum Antique Bronze. 

spray paint lamp

Then I also spray painted a brassy gold frame I had with the same Antique Bronze spray paint, then added by hand a bit of toned down gold paint for an antiqued look. 

spray paint frame

gold paint

The bronzed lamp is a big improvement and the picture frame nicely compliments. 

new lamp

nightstand after crop

A Ballard Designs Terrific Trio to call my own:

after nightstand

The Before and After:

before and after

And if you lift my skirt *** tee hee hee *** there is a secret stash of all of my favorite magazines.  I can rest easy tonight.

mags hiding

One final note, if you like that headboard in my master bedroom, you can read about my custom fabric covered headboard with nail head trim in this DIY post

Nighty night !


  1. Cents……you never cease to amaze me. Wish I had time for this project. My master is screaming for it. First I need to do the tufted vanity bench!! One thing at a time here…..meantime, c’mon over. I’m having a cinco de mayo margarita party. Adios!

  2. ….the margarita is on my blog….but only one. All in moderation. Happy Cinco de Mayo! Arriba!

  3. That is so awesome! You always get such great deals…looks great!

  4. Congratulations on your Craigs List score! Where do you find the time to treasure hunt, spray paint, and blog?! And I had a feeling those mags were there under the skirt :-)

  5. Gorgeous! Love it!

    It’s perfect the way it is, but you know what you could do? You could find some cheap fringe and glue gun it to the bottom of the skirt. It would look EXACTLY like the BD one!

    Love the lamp and frame transformations, too.

  6. Wow what a great rransformation! Good job on paying attention to detail on the frame. It all looks great :)

  7. Craigslist never has anything that great in my town. Lucky you! And yes, you NEEDED to change your old table out. The new one is so soothing and lovely. I agree about the fringe on the bottom, too, btw ,from the commenter above. It would be the perect finishing touch. That, or a contasting silk border or something.


  8. What a score! I love those little tables, and that is perfect for storage! I highlighted your cherry tree today on my blog, just wanted to let you know!

  9. Not only was it a great find, but you made it look so beautiful with your accent pieces. I just love it!

  10. Great find Kate! And I love what you can do with a bottle of spray paint–nice work!

  11. Love it!!! I saw one of those tables (sans glass) in the Salvation Army the other day…now I’m thinking I need to go back and get it. :)

  12. Wow! Much better and there’s nothing quite like getting a bargain. It looks very put together now and not cluttered. Good job.

  13. You lucky girl! What a find! It’s so hard to find good things on Craigslist in Tucson…unless you are into southwest decor…YUCK!
    Good job Cuz! Looks GORGEOUS!

  14. Very nice, it’s gorgeous! In response to your comment to my post about Tres Dias: It was a great weekend. I was able to forgive myself for past sins with God’s awesome love and strength. The Lord provided many more lovely ladies with whom I was able to deepen my friendships with.

  15. I’m not into the name brand stuff and all the decorator things but I love your blog.

    I did something very similar…it looks just like it minus the glass.

    I took a large metal trashcan (the hight I needed) and had my older son cut a round of wood to sit on the top. We don’t use the “lid” that came with it. I then threw a table cloth over it.

    The trashcan table serves to purposes…decorative and storage. We keep our extra blankets and items that are only used seasonally. We have another one in our living room where I store my “cloth stash” out of sight. :)

    Mavis D.

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