Found Treasures

By Kate Riley April 28, 2009

Yesterday I promised I’d show you my finds from Sunday’s local Antique Fair.  Okay, here goes. 

First, I found these huge genuine crystals at a lamp dealer, and haggled him into selling me six of them for $12.  [Total steal, cause these puppies retail for $7 to $10 a piece.]  


I dismantled one of my broken necklaces, and used it to attach the six almond shaped crystals to my dining room chandelier. 

crystal up close

The crystals catch a lot of light coming in from the French doors and they give the room some extra sparkle.

Before and After:

chandelier before

chandelier after


My second find was a set of four butterfly prints from a dealer who’s prints are all vintage.  He guaranteed they were original prints over 50 years old.  Not that that really matters to me, I just thought they were pretty, and I needed some art for the empty wall in the guest bath.  His price tag read $10 each, but I offered him $30 for four and thankfully he accepted my offer. 

butterfly prints

I bought some $7 frames from Michaels, and hung them in my blue botanical guest bathroom. 

The bare wall Before (ignore that paint sample please):

bathroom before


butterfly prints in bathroom

My last find was a funky lamp that I just love.  I needed something in a shade of spa blue for my living room, but I had been searching for months and I hadn’t found anything I liked that was reasonable in price.  Then I saw this at the Fair:

aqua gree blue lamp

Asking price was $40, but I offered $30 and it was sold !  

Here is the lamp in my living room – it works perfectly:

lamp in living room

corner with text

living room corner with text

Now all I need is this chocolate colored drum lamp shade from Restoration Hardware, and it will look so fabulous.  [Unless anyone else out there can find a cheaper alternative, cause RH’s shades are 50 buckaroos – ouch.]

cg's lamp shade

Total money spent: $12 crystals; $30 prints; $28 frames for prints and $30 for the lamp = $100 total.

I just love treasure hunting !  What great treasures have you scored lately?


  1. wish you were in iowa because last week at salvation army they had a drum shade for around $2. It could have been easily spray painted a rich chocolate brown.

    I love the butterfly prints.

    Thanks for a great post.

  2. It’s all fab but that lamp is AWESOME!! I got my drum shade from Sears of all places…you could try there and cover it with chocolate fabric if it’s not the right color!

  3. Great finds! I just found your blog and love checkin’ out your DIY ideas ~ I’m drumming up the courage for a nailhead headboard this weekend :) I found two large prints for my son’s playroom at our Salvation Army last week, one an airplane and one a sailboat, they look just like Pottery Barn’s ~ only $10 for both until I hit the checkout ~ 1/2 off and 10% military discount! Woohoo! :)

  4. You ARE so darling! And SOOOOO popular!!!YOU ARE THE TREASURE I’VE SCORED LATELY! I can hardly wait to have a “real house” to decorate with your inspiration!

  5. What a wonderful lot of treasures to come home with! Those crystals… jaw hit the floor when I opened your blog! And that lamp?! It really is beautiful and so unique! No new finds to report here, but yard sale season is about to begin and my hubby loves hunting for fun finds! :>

  6. I’m in love with everything that you did. Lovely chandelier! I love your funky lamp and really beautiful living room too!

  7. Great finds CG! Those crystals look so great on your chandelier, and I just love the new lamp. Beautiful!

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