2017 Wall Calendars

By Kate Riley December 22, 2016

It’s almost Christmas! There are still a few things to do around here to prepare for Santa’s arrival but we’re excited! I’m headed back to Las Vegas next week to spend time working on the flip house and I’ll be featuring a few projects from that house in January.

To stay sane I find it so helpful to stay organized in order to keep everything straight in my head. I use Google calendar and sync it to my phone for my daily appointments but I do love to have a pretty calendar to look at on my desk. Last year I rounded up some favorites and this year I hopped over to Etsy to take a peek at what’s available this year. Here are a few favorites for making your walls prettier and reminding you of the date in 2017.


shades of green / mod abstract foliage  / watercolor botanicals / blue floral watercolor / watercolor floralblack & white script  / watercolor constellation / modern abstract

Trendspotting: Still Life Floral Wallpaper

By Kate Riley December 19, 2016

Hello friends! What a crazy weekend it was with parties and events galore, I had to take Monday off just to chill and get my groove back :)  I’ve just a few little things to pick up before Christmas arrives and I still have to wrap all my gifts but I’m feeling pretty prepared so I intend to enjoy the twinkle lights and peppermints and all the other seasonal fun happening now until the end of the year.

Rather than more holiday related decor, today I wanted to take a peek at a trend I’ve spied popping up in the past year. It seems still life floral wallpaper is a thing. It’s everywhere from residential spaces to commercial studios and it makes for a striking focal point as a backdrop or accent wall. To me it feels like we’re looking at an enlarged oil painting, and these prints are a fresh approach to a throwback bouquet of old world like blooms.


dear designer


rue mag


glitter guide


danielle colding


rue mag


ad magazine


ashley woodson bailey


house of Brinson


sarah sherman Samuel


front + main



Capture the look with wall murals found in this Etsy shop and this Etsy shop, or shop for wallpaper at Ellie Cashman Design and Ashley Woodson Bailey.