Embroidered Art

By Kate Riley August 26, 2019

Whenever I travel I bring a small piece of art home with me, and on a recent trip to Portugal, I found an embroidered tea towel that I found so charming I decided to turn it into a framed piece of art. Sardines (and all kinds of locally sourced fish) are a common meal and the fish motif is repeated in a lot of ceramics, art, and packaging in Portugal.


I removed the glass from a 8×10 picture frame, then cut the tea towel to fit, allowing an extra inch around the edges. I used hot glue to secure the towel to the back of the cardboard insert and returned it to the picture frame. Instant art!


I love the raised texture of embroidery when it’s displayed as art, the colorful threads catch the eye and make the artwork so interesting. Embroidered art looks great without glass so you can better see the detail of the threads.



My tea towel is machine stitched, but hand stitching has equal (if not more) appeal. You can find vintage embroidered art on Etsy (and Ebay) or unique works by artists, these are some favorites I discovered:

abstract scene / custom name

constellation / arizona sunset

simplify  / punch today


If you’d like to try your hand at embroidery, check out these DIY embroidery kits, a great way to learn this style of textile art while you’re binge watching your next show!

wildwood  / pick your state

winter girl / flower patch

enjoy life / floral, dark background


Any embroiderers out there? What are your favorite sources for patterns and supplies?

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Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley August 24, 2019

Hello! This weekend is a relaxing one for me, the kids are back in school so I’ve settled into my routine. The weather is still so warm so I’m off to a barbeque to hangout with some old friends today, and tomorrow I’ve got a date with a to do list I’ve been neglecting. Hope you all are taking some time to relax as well!

Favorite links from the week:


I’d be snug as a bug in this cozy cabin (love the dark painted walls).

I love the details and contrast in this Scandinavian home.

Proof a bright color runner looks fab on stairs!

Ooooh pretty! This powder room tile.

Easy and practical DIY: rope ottomans.

Wow, I’m impressed! Check out this video on the cleverest way to put on a duvet cover.

What a cute gift idea: terrarium candles.

Need a laugh? Consider these 100 funny books.

“I am the best uncle.” :)

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