Afternoon Chat: What’s Your Enneagram?

By Kate Riley January 31, 2020

Hey friends, I’m still busily working on that new website I keep mentioning, and fingers crossed it will go live next week! It’s exciting, I’ll keep you posted!

For a fun Friday experiment, let’s have an afternoon chat about enneagrams. According to Wikipedia they’re a model of the human psyche understood as nine interconnected personality types. Each type has a different pattern of thinking, feeling, and acting based on inner motivations and worldview. Perhaps you’ve heard of them? Have you tested yourself?

It’s no surprise to me I turned out to be predominately a Number Seven: Enthusiast. Sevens want to have as much fun and adventure as possible and wish to experience as much good as the world has to offer. Also referred to as Adventurers, Sevens are energetic, optimistic, curious, and seek to contribute something to the world. Sevens love connection and seek it socially through conversation and laughter. We are open minded, see life as an adventure, and the world as our playground. We are productive when inspired by something that stimulates us and we love having a lot of freedom. Definitely me. :)

Drawbacks of being a Seven: We dream about all the things we want to do and feel there is never enough time to do them. We can be a little scatterbrained and will leave projects unfinished. Our minds move rapidly from one idea to the next. We get impatient with needy or clingy people, and we get bored with routine so we can be discontented being in one place for too long. It’s claimed we’re not introspective and don’t like to confront our emotions so we seek out distractions. Perhaps that’s generally true for Sevens, but in the last few years, I’ve definitely been one to examine myself and do the “inner work” as it’s called in the wellness community. Investing in personal growth has helped me connect with my fellow humans to an even greater degree.

The Enneagram test is a fascinating look into your personality! There’s a free test you can take online. Give it a go if you never have!

Which of the nine personalities did you turn out to be? Do you agree with the assessment?


Modern Looks for Art Ledges

By Kate Riley January 28, 2020

Art is one thing every home needs, and it’s one of the very best ways to personalize your space! Displaying meaningful paintings, prints, and photographs is an expression of your favorite things and clues visitors in to your unique aesthetic.

Gallery walls have been popular for years, they always look great, but the art ledge offers something a little different. Art ledges are a linear display, gallery walls are a grid. Art ledges conveys a clean and minimalist look due to the singular line created by the shallow shelf.

One great look is to install one behind a sofa. Create a ledge that allows for layering prints in different sizes and also the ability to add planters or other small and skinny decorative elements.

front + main

Below is an installation displaying frames in similar sizes but using different color frames.

house becomes home


Here is a simple arrangement of stacked ledges painted the same color as the wall which allows the artwork and album covers to take the spotlight.

a beautiful mess


Stack them in a trio and you’ll have plenty of space to create a focal point composed of your eclectic collection.

image source


Here’s another example of the color of the painted ledge blending with the wall, this time the depth of color provides dramatic contrast.

salty spaces

This appears to be an inset shelf not a ledge, but take a cue from the minimalist styling. The allowance for blank space between the art and objects gives the eye a place to rest.

the house on beach road


Second story spaces allow for a medley of larger displays of large scale photography and art prints.

maggie miller interiors


If you’re not the layering kind, space the artwork out evenly to create an orderly dotted effect.

avenue design studio


Who says your art ledges can’t mix and mingle other decor? Hanging ledges up high creates space for tapestries, large scale prints, or hanging objects.

kismet house


Here’s an example of styled art combining both a ledge and a wall gallery too. So interesting! Notice the singular art ledge is installed on the left while the larger framed piece on the right fills out the grid, balancing the offset.

via walmart


If you want to acquire some of your own, any search engine will reveal dozens of choices for art ledges in varying sizes and finishes.

You can buy art ledges from Etsy seller Rowe Station Woodworks in various lengths.

Or…you can make your own! Here’s a great DIY art ledge tutorial at Chris loves Julia.


Find another DIY ledge tutorial at Home on Mount Forest.


And another great DIY ledge at Angela Rose Home.

Art ledges are a clean and contemporary way to display your favorite artwork. Bonus: their shallow depth doesn’t take up as much space as a piece of furniture like a bookshelf or console table.

It’s hard to go wrong with art ledges, you simply mix and mingle a few framed pieces together and voila: a chic and creative way to decorate your home!

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