Trendspotting: Embroidered Decor

By Kate Riley April 3, 2018

While browsing for summer dresses I noticed a trend in fashion, embroidery is everywhere, on shoes, belts, jackets, etc. I love the look, the raised texture and modern motifs add a bohemian or edgy vibe to clothing.

I’m a fan of the art of embroidery and appreciate it when I see it. I remember when I was young, stitching an embroidered scene of two young girls and above it read “sisters are forever friends”. My sister still has my handmade art to this day. :)

I have an appreciation for any hand stitched piece but as anyone with experience in embroidery knows, it takes a lot of time, effort, and concentration. Still, it’s one of those creative processes that yields something artistic and personal in the end so it’s worth the time spent.

This week I brought out a long linen embroidered lumbar pillow cover that I got from Pine Cone Hill many years ago, one that had been sitting in the closet for years. It’s a classic floral motif in layered blues but it still fits well with my house.


When it comes to embroidered home decor, I admit I discriminate. Monogrammed or embroidered linens with elegant stitching will always be classic, but sometimes, especially if an item is cheap or mass produced, embroidered patterns can be old fashioned or dated. When I spy a pattern in a more modern motif like an abstract geometric or a modern botanical, I am drawn to the silken colorful threads and raised texture. Are you?

How about five ways to add a touch of embroidery to your home this spring …

Dress Your Table




1 / 2


Layer Your Bed or Windows





1 / 2 / 3



Trim the Edges of Pillows or Curtains


1 / 2 / 3


  Toss a Pillow



melika / navy denim / mcrae lumbar / mina stripe

brushstroke / confetti / bendel geometric


Try a DIY



constellation table runner / diy kit


Like all delicate fabrics, embroidered ones require special cleaning: Hand washing is recommended for embroidered decor. Pretreat stained areas and wash with gentle detergent. Line or air drying is also recommended, or a low heat low tumble cycle in the dryer, removing while slightly damp to air dry. Iron on the back side of embroidered decor so that the raised pattern is not damaged.


Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley March 31, 2018

Hello all. This weekend I had planned on having a yard sale but I had to postpone it one more week. I’ve been purging closets and drawers and the garage and just didn’t have enough time to complete it all, but I figure with one more week I’ll get it done. Mission: clutter free home for spring!

In April, I’m working on some new fabric prints, and I’m hoping to share those with you in May. Yay! I’m also headed to Austin, Texas for a long weekend, so I welcome any suggestions on what to do/eat and where to go!  Help me out!

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Happy Easter to all of you! See you back here on Monday!