Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley June 8, 2019

Happy weekend! I’m on a road trip with my son, we’re headed south from Las Vegas to the Colorado River to spend some time with my cousin and his son at their river house.

I’m so happy to have some one on one time with my boy, we’re boating and floating, I’m teaching him about classic rock bands, and he’s teaching me the tricks on how to solve the Rubik’s cube (little genius).

We’re having a great time together, wishing you the same sun and fun this weekend!

Favorite links:

Beautiful colors and textures in this well decorated Queenslander home.

“Tropical modernism” on display in this Venice Beach bungalow.

What a chic little outdoor oasis!

Outdoor DIY: who knew IKEA bed slats could look this good?

Ten destinations for glamping in North America you won’t want to leave.

“Don’t be afraid to start over” and other tips for finding a fullfilling career.

A Pilates workout without the reformer using paper plates. :)

Seven things standing between you and joy.


Maker Spotlight: Ceramics on Etsy

By Kate Riley June 6, 2019

Friends, I’m such a sucker for handmade ceramics, and I found myself browsing some Etsy shops yesterday. I love supporting makers and these shops are all new favorites of mine.

I love little vessels for holding jewelry, matchbooks, succulents, and for culinary uses… beautiful and practical! Take a peek at these shops and I’m sure you’ll find a little something you love too. Bonus: these are all made in America!

Heather Knight of Element Clay Studio


Seana and Yair of Tierra Sol Studio


Jennifer Spring Ceramics


Kara at Husk Milk Pottery


Shandi of Pottery and Tile 


Jennifer Beachy Pottery


Janelle at Stuck in the Mud Pottery

Got a ceramic maker you love? Share them in the comments!


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