Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley January 5, 2018

It’s been quiet on the blog the last two weeks, thanks for your patience with me. I took a week off at the end of December, and I’ve spent the last week visiting with family and working on the flip house in Las Vegas. I made a lot of progress, the kitchen backsplash is installed and once the hood and appliances go in, it will be ready to style and photograph. Can’t wait to share!

Do you ever have so many ideas pop into your head you can’t write them down fast enough? That’s exactly how I feel right now. Taking time off after a busy holiday schedule was essential for me; it gave me time to dream, refocus, and plan for the upcoming year. I hope all of you are equally inspired and have hopes and plans to achieve your dreams in 2018!

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“Rejection is normal. It was worth it.”


Fifteen Fab Backsplashes

By Kate Riley January 2, 2018

I’m in Las Vegas for the next couple of days, working on the finishing touches on the flip house. I bought the backsplash tiles for both the kitchen and master bathroom. I shopped what was in stock because all the samples I had ordered online were unsatisfactory.

I visited my top three stops for in-stock backsplash tile: Floor & Décor, Home Depot, and Lowe’s. The tile featured below is the tile I chose for the master bathroom is this one, isn’t it cool? I shared a close up version on my Instagram stories today.

While I was out I spied a bunch more great mosaics I would totally use in a bathroom or kitchen remodel if only I had another dozen projects in the works :) I saw these in person and loved them all, so I had to share because these really need to be installed somewhere, the colors and patterns are so good.

 epoch black triangle $8  / anatolia floral $11 / elidia marble peaks $19

elida volcanic $16  / prismatic blend $12 / abalone herringbone $10

hex gray polished $6 / royal brass & marble $30 / peacock fan $9

thasos marble $16 / skylight blue glass hex $15 / tempest marble valentino $20 /

blue multi penny $3 / thasos bianco parallels $17 / elidia sea herringbone $12

Let me know if you end up choosing one, I’d love to see these installed!