Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley May 5, 2018

Happy Cinco de Mayo friends, I’ll be enjoying tacos and margaritas with friends this afternoon. Tomorrow I have a shelf project I’m working on for my laundry room, I hope to share that space update soon! I

I have a lot of travel on the horizon in the next few weeks, I’m headed back to Las Vegas to finish the master bathroom in the flip house. Later in the month, I’m visiting Seattle for four days, it’s my first time there so I welcome any tips on where you think I should go and what I should see!

Favorite links from the week….


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Hip House Plants

By Kate Riley May 3, 2018

I went plant shopping with my aunt this week, we went to a local nursery where they carry more specialized plants than the ones found in the garden department at home improvement stores, like stag ferns and string of pearls succulents. It’s nice when you can find them at a local nursery but sometimes what you’re looking for isn’t available.

I like to have something green and growing in every room if possible, and I’ve noticed this correlation: the more green leafy plants I add to a space, the more serene it feels. A variety of green plants softens the formality of my living room and brings that desirable organic vibe indoors. I always feel relaxed sitting in this room, especially in the morning with the sunlight streaming through the window.






I always look for interesting textures or shapes in indoor plants. Like with decorating, it’s attractive when you vary the tones and textures with your houseplants as you would with your decor, it makes for a more interesting display.

I used to think I’d never order plants online but after receiving all of these outdoor plants in great condition two years ago, and since they’re still looking good in my courtyard, I’m no longer afraid. It’s funny how plants can be trendy. We’ve seen succulents and fiddle leaf fig and tropical plants popping up for years. Here are a few of my new favorites to consider adding to your collection at home.


String of Pearls

This beautiful bead like succulent drapes beautifully down the edges of its vessel. Nell at Joyus Garden offers some great tips for caring for string of pearls succulents indoors. So does Gardennerdy.


image via the fresh flower company

String of Bananas

Another draping succulent, this one with little banana shaped leaves. Also low water and low maintenance.


string of bananas from the plant farm


Ric Rac or Fishbone Cactus

Recognizable from its wavy leaves, the ric rac or fishbone cactus is low maintenance and non-toxic to pets. Costa Farms shares some planting and care instructions on their website, Geo Fleur also has some tips on thriving. Buy one online here.


Bird’s Nest Fern

This plant’s curly fronds makes it an attractive plant to add to your home. HGTV has some tips on how to care for a bird’s nest fern.


image via skyland florist

Elephant Ear

This Alocasia is also known as Elephant Ear plant for its large heart shaped leaves in vibrant green, there are several varieties available. This plant an grow up to 5 feet tall, but note this plant is toxic to pets. Find indoor plant care tips at Gardening Know How.


image via jack + ando

Swiss Cheese Monstera

I love these tropical plants, they fill corners nicely! Their stems are lovely for styling spaces, don’t you think? Buy a plant online or purchase just the stems to bring the jungle vibe indoors. Note, this plant is toxic to dogs and cats.



Money Tree Plant

Bring good luck indoors with this little tree. Its signature braided trunk isn’t natural, it’s cultivated when they’re babies. Often you can find them in the garden department at most nurseries or home improvement stores. These can grow up to 6 feet indoors, find care instructions in this helpful article at Apartment Therapy.



ZZ Plant

This is a new favorite of mine, it’s so low maintenance and forgiving and I love its dense shiny leaves. This one can often be found at a garden store but you can also order online. Miracle Gro has some tips on caring for ZZ plants. This plant is also toxic to pets so be aware.


image via my city plants

Remember, if you have pets it’s always important to check if your houseplants are toxic !

What’s the coolest house plant you’ve added to your collection lately?