Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley September 1, 2019

Hi friends and hello September! How’s your long weekend treating you? Mine is super chill, I’m just puttering around the house, repotting a few plants, taking some boxes to the Goodwill, cleaning and reorganizing, that sort of thing. I’ve learned to enjoy the mundane little tasks that remove clutter and the process of creating space for new things to enter. Most of my friends are out of town so it’s just me and the family taking it easy, enjoying the quiet moments, relaxing and recharging my batteries.

Favorite links from the week….

Love the boho vibe and patterns present in this modernized ranch home.

Isn’t this the most creative line art wallpaper? Beautiful installation too.

Nice work Daniel on your DIY backyard storage shed.

What a clever way to get the look of floating wood shelves!

Knowing this would make me excited to go back to college. :)

Bookmark this camping checklist for your next adventure in the great outdoors.

Why you should travel alone from time to time.

Just like a movie: “let’s meet again in five years”.

Black Tile Backsplashes Done Right

By Kate Riley August 29, 2019

I’ve painted walls and furniture black, and installed black (and white) wallpaper, and bought black furniture, and used black hardware on cabinets, but I’ve never considered a black tile backsplash, until now. A tile backsplash is far more permanent than wallpaper or paint which is why I’ve hesitated, I mean, it’s stuck to the wall so it’s not like you can change it easily.

But I can’t deny, black tile looks oh so sleek. The key to pulling it off is to install in a kitchen or bathroom with natural light and to use plenty of white and wood for balance and contrast. Take a cue from these black tile backsplashes done right!


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