Printable Leaf Thanksgiving Place Cards

By Kate Riley November 21, 2019

With Thanksgiving just one week away, today I’m sharing a printable for your tabletop. I made these printable place cards with watercolor leaves. They are editable, you can add any serif or script font you wish, or simply print them out and write in the names by hand.

I recommend cardstock for printing. If you’re familiar with Photoshop, you can add names with any fonts there. If not, you can add names with fonts by using Adobe Reader, see instructions below.



You can easily add the names in Photoshop, or add names using the Comment function in Adobe Reader. First select Edit PDF then choose the Comment option.


Choose any font on your computer, I chose Quickpen for my place cards (one of my favorite fonts).



Print them out on cardstock, then cut them out by hand and place them on your table!


You also have the option of a hole punch and twine or ribbon tied around a napkin. Or use them as a thank you tag attached to wine!


Here is the free printable, for personal use only. :)

Watercolor Leaves Thankful Printable


Decorative Fire Starters

By Kate Riley November 19, 2019

Are you old enough to remember that cheesy movie Firestarter starring Drew Barrymore from the 1980s? I just remembered it when I typed the title, I wonder what Drew thinks about acting in it now….

Anyway, not the reason for today’s post. I was thinking about host/hostess gifts and I’m a believer in gifting something pretty and practical. It’s light a fire and candle season, so why not show up with one of these “better than a Bic” fire starters to impress your host! Pair it with a great candle and boom, the perfect gift for anyone on your list. So easy!

ceramic match striker / poetry striker / usb candle lighter

oprah’s favorite: skeem cloche / ceramic speckle  / colorblock lighter

gold label bottle / safety matches / fancy matches

match teepee / modern clay

recycled wood hearth matches / ribbed glass long matches / alchemy bottle

leather social light (multiple colors) / brass field lighter / rechargeable battery lighter

stoneware strikers

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