Fun + Funny Pool Floats

By Kate Riley June 11, 2018

I spent last week in Las Vegas, visiting relatives, relaxing with my family, and spending a lot of time in the pool. I wrote about this pool remodel a few years ago and it’s a fantastic place to play when when we’re in town and the weather is good. We sure going to miss it when we list the house at the end of the summer.

It’s tradition each summer to buy new pool floats for the kids, Target had a fun selection which is where I bought the pizza slice and watermelon ring float. My two munchkins played with them all week, look at those faces, they just keep getting bigger *sigh*.



There’s something about a cool pool float that makes water play even more fun. And let’s face it, when they’re unique, you’ll get a great picture too (hello Instagram). I rounded up a few fun favorites:

Urban Outfitters has a ton of cute pool floats like these four:


flamingo float


hand pool float


leaf pool float



rosé pool float

More fun floats and loungers for your summer enjoyment …


oyster shell


rainbow lounger


seashell float


unicorn float


flamingo and swan -set of two



curly serpent


peacock set


floating joust set


giant parrot




poop emoji LOL


mermaid tail

 fruit slices: orange or kiwi


heart tattoo float


american flag floats



multi person party float (with cooler & cup holders)


ultimate party peacock float

Happy floating!

*some affilate links used

Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley June 8, 2018

Wow, it’s been a hard week. Two tragic losses and I’m devastated by the news. Kate Spade was such a light in the design world, and Anthony Bourdain an inspiration to so many, especially those of us who love to travel. My heart is so heavy.

I struggle to understand how this happens, to find the right words to say, and to learn as much as I can about depression and mental health. We lost a family friend to suicide a month ago, a death I’m still trying to wrap my head around and why he made that choice. My sister lives with a chronic pain condition and she has educated me so much about why people consider and ultimately choose suicide. She shared this article on the reasons people attempt suicide with me this morning and some personal insight I found so helpful.

We must as a society reach out and help those who struggle, to give them the space to open up about it so we can support and hopefully save them. I welcome your thoughts on this issue, and any insight you may have too.

Because I traditionally share these, some favorite links from the week:

In love with the patterns and textures in this California Mediterranean.

I love creativity of Jenna’s charming laundry room makeover.

Another great tip from Emily on upping your gallery wall game.

Clever ways to hack the Instagram algorithm.

Easy and chic: DIY marbled dye pillows.

This is how Pinterest forecasts design trends.

A beautifully styled black & white wedding shoot inspired by haute couture.

Stephen Curry on how to build mental resilience.

Budget friendly bucket list destinations.

Remembering Anthony Bourdain and his favorite places.

Also these life lessons from Anthony Bourdain.

Kate Spade quotes on style and confidence.