Textile Spotlight: Hmong Fabrics

By Kate Riley August 28, 2017

I got a history lesson today as I was browsing for fabrics when I stumbled across Hmong textiles on Etsy. Loving the motifs, I dove into that category and learned a few things about their heritage.

The Hmong people are a tribe from the hills of China, Vietnam, and Laos. When the communists gained control over Laos in the 1970s, the Hmong people were tortured and even killed, so many fled to Thailand as refugees. Income from these woven textiles sustained them in their new homes. The historical narratives of the Hmong are sewn into their cloths, they are quite skilled at weaving.

These fabrics have been available to us in the west for some time, often generically called “batik”, a label we’re more familiar with. These Hmong fabrics are created with dyed cotton or hemp and embroidered or hand stitched with traditional motifs. My love to travel and my passion for design intersect when I research the history of textiles like these.




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Do a search on Etsy for “Hmong fabric” and you’ll find so many beautiful textiles! Here’s a small sampling:


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Weekend Reading & Blog Name Change

By Kate Riley August 25, 2017

Hello friends! Happy late summer weekend to you! I’ve been really busy behind the scenes this week. I took on a new kitchen remodel project for the local non-profit I’ve worked with for many years. I shared the “before” kitchen on my Instagram stories, that remodel will begin in early 2018 so in anticipation I’ll be coming up with the design plan this fall.

The most important thing happening now is I’m changing the name of this blog. I’ve been considering it for over a year and decided it was finally time to switch from CENTSATIONAL GIRL to CENTSATIONAL STYLE. I want this blog to be about more than just me, I’d like to see it slowly grow in coming years by adding some contributors and more content.

I will always be the main voice behind this blog, but I’d like to take the idea of affordable decorating even farther, incorporating not just DIY projects and design inspiration, but also more lifestyle posts on the topics of travel and entertaining. It’s time to move on and grow beyond “GIRL” so be aware the change has happened!

I’m told by my tech support team that everything will roll over smoothly, including RSS feed and email subscriptions. If for some reason your subscription falls through the cracks, please be so kind as to resubscribe! I’ll be changing the social media profiles as well in the next few days, thanks so much for your patience with me!

Favorite links from this week:


I’m crazy about this colorful breakfast nook, so cheerful and stylish.

Of course I love this blue and white living room.

Another beautiful beach house remodel by Amber Interiors.

A fantastic summary of how blogging has changed so much.

18 skillet dinner recipes I want to try.

I’m going to France next month, so made a note of these solo travel tips.

Why go to the studio when you can follow these free yoga workout videos at home?

I loved reading this story about going offline and pulling the plug for a year.

This weekend, I’m finishing up the powder room and doing more behind the scenes work related to the blog name change. Let me know if you see anything weird pop up or come across any broken links. Also I’m upgrading the email subscription service next week so you shouldn’t see any more link problems. Have a great weekend!