Removable Wallpaper Favorites

By Kate Riley August 31, 2017

I almost finished my powder room and discovered I was one strip of wallpaper short to complete the makeover, oh no! I ordered more and will finish that space when it arrives. I’m loving the new look and I can’t wait to share how great the waves wallpaper looks in that space.

The paper I used was prepasted, but for those that are nervous about pasted varieties, the removable peel and stick wallpapers are the best thing ever. I wrote a post last summer featuring 20 favorite removable wallpapers, they go up easy and are just as simple to remove when you’re done with the look. Also perfect for renters! A few more favorites I found in a recent search:



blue watercolor




black & white floral


dreams smoke


woodland ebony


bloc (multiple colors)


blush floral


boho scallop


orange crush


pink hues marbleized



fine point floral


boho floral


hollyhock (multiple colors)


fern lime



With so much suffering happening in the wake of Harvey, it feels a bit uncomfortable to blog about home decor. There are many ways to help, I donated to the Houston Food Bank, you can also help by contributing here.


Textile Spotlight: Hmong Fabrics

By Kate Riley August 28, 2017

I got a history lesson today as I was browsing for fabrics when I stumbled across Hmong textiles on Etsy. Loving the motifs, I dove into that category and learned a few things about their heritage.

The Hmong people are a tribe from the hills of China, Vietnam, and Laos. When the communists gained control over Laos in the 1970s, the Hmong people were tortured and even killed, so many fled to Thailand as refugees. Income from these woven textiles sustained them in their new homes. The historical narratives of the Hmong are sewn into their cloths, they are quite skilled at weaving.

These fabrics have been available to us in the west for some time, often generically called “batik”, a label we’re more familiar with. These Hmong fabrics are created with dyed cotton or hemp and embroidered or hand stitched with traditional motifs. My love to travel and my passion for design intersect when I research the history of textiles like these.




image credit 1 / 2 / 3


Do a search on Etsy for “Hmong fabric” and you’ll find so many beautiful textiles! Here’s a small sampling:


 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6