Hooray for the White and Blue Kitchen

By Kate Riley July 3, 2017

This week we celebrate the Fourth of July and it’s my second favorite holiday, I love it! I look forward to all the food, fireworks, and festivities every year. I’m super excited to be hosting a giant party for all my cousins at the house in Las Vegas, it will be a blast. I suffered a mild injury this week. I was taking another self defense class and ended up with a mild sprain after a series of aggressive hits and blocks, ouch! That’s my excuse for not blogging this week, it hurts to type!!

Let’s look at some pretty blue and white kitchens this week my friends in celebration of the (red) white and blue. Like Jackie Kennedy and Audrey Hepburn, the blue and white combination is always classy, timeless, and chic. I’m looking forward to adding a blue backsplash to the white kitchen in my studio, and these beauties have me inspired. Enjoy the visual feast!


my domaine


becki owens


bethany nauert


the grit & polish


source unknown


kristin peake interiors


barbara Schwartz


artistic designs for living


heather scott home


coastal living



via ideal home


stone textile studio


via ideal home

Wishing you all a very Happy Fourth of July!

I’ll be back on Friday with some favorite links. :)


Modern Ceiling Fans

By Kate Riley June 29, 2017

Last week we had a big heat wave here in Northern California with temperatures in the 100s. No doubt you heard about the soaring temperatures in the Southwest as well, airplanes were unable to take off! I don’t have air conditioning in my California home because there are only about 10 days of the year where it gets hot enough to “need” it. On those days, I suffer through it with fans and it makes me grateful for the ceiling fan in my family room, I lay down cotton sheets on the sectional and lay still under the cool breeze.

I discovered a few years ago that I had come full circle on ceiling fans, no longer hating them but actually loving them, especially the newer versions in more modern shapes. I installed this koa wood finish fan in the master bedroom in the Vegas house and when the house is sold at the end of the summer, it will be one of the decorative elements I miss the most. The curvy blades and koa wood make it an attractive option for multiple spaces from coastal to contemporary like the lightless one shown below. (This is a republication of a post from two years ago, with a roundup of attractive modern ceiling fans to cool your indoor spaces.)

coastal living room with wood ceiling fan

allee design

Like a chandelier, a good looking ceiling fan can be a focal point in a room. Introduce contrast with a metal and wood combination suspended from a white ceiling; twisted nickel blades pop against the stained wood tray ceiling in the bedroom below; nickel is always a goes-with-everything option.

wood and black bedroom ceiling fan

apd architects

aluminum fan pitched ceiling

clayton and little

You could go big and bold, I love the design of this customizable Essence fan, it reminds me of thin petal flowers, like the stenopetala plumeria that blooms in Hawaii. I’ve seen it used in several commercial establishments but I love it in a residential interior too.

essence fan

big ass fans

If your preference is the opposite and you want your ceiling fan to escape attention, choose one that blends in with the ceiling. In these spaces the airy white blades recede into the background which allows for other accents to take the spotlight.

coastal living room

ashley gilbreath

modern white ceiling fan

white ceiling fan

baxter design group

Another option is to use directional fans, like pendants they are smaller and can be installed as a single or used as multiples to create breezes in different directions.

morgante wilson

If you’re looking for something a bit more contemporary for use in warmer weather and different than the basic five blade, consider these fans, most of them come in multiple finishes from white to wood to metal.

modern ceiling fans

cirque / minka aluminum roto / black twisted blade / fanimation zonix / pancake / fanimation levon / minka aire aviation / nickel lapa / bronze directional / nickel directional

Have you found a ceiling fan you love?