DIY Flower Light Strand

By Kate Riley December 12, 2018

*in partnership with Arrow Fastener Tools.

Hello friends! Happy December to you! It’s a busy time of year but so far I’m keeping my head above water and I have most of my shopping done.

I kept my holiday decor fresh and light this year, and I wanted to do something less predictable with my tree. I loved the idea of fresh puffs of white so I made a flower light strand with the help of some pretty faux peonies, a light strand, and my handy Arrow Fastener glue gun.



I get extra crafty during the holiday season so this glue gun has been in use a lot! To make ornament vases and wreaths and now this flower light strand. The project is so easy, and the light strand can be used throughout the year.

To create your own flower light strand you’ll need 8 or so faux flowers (I used white peonies), a small bulb light strand from the craft store, scissors, and a hot glue gun.

First remove the heads of the flowers and discard the faux stems.


You’ll want to dismantle the layers of the flower and remove any plastic bases and receptacles so only the fabric leaf base and petals remain.



Now the fun part! Reassemble the petals using only the fabric pieces. I started with the fabric leaf base then I applied a mini circle of hot glue in between each layer of petals.




To get the flower to wrap around the light bulb, cut a thin slit in the restructured bloom.


Insert the bulb inside the flower and secure it with hot glue (optional). I found it was best to position the light strand on the tree first before attaching the flower, then select the bulb that best spaces out the flowers in the tree.




It’s a fresh and different approach to decorating the tree! You can also use the same idea to create a lighted flower strand to use elsewhere throughout the year. I’ll likely string mine across a mirror or some shelves once the holidays are over.


*This project brought to you in partnership with Arrow Fastener Tools. All opinions are my own!


Attractive Semi Flush Mount Fixtures

By Kate Riley December 10, 2018

Operation New Office is underway! I have a new design space I rented and it includes a separate room where I’m setting up my new office! Having a separate workspace outside the house feels really good and I’ve discovered helps me be more productive because there is far less distraction. I’ll be blogging in the coming weeks on how that space is developing and I’m hoping to have it complete by the end of the month so 2019 will truly be a fresh start!

Right now the space is a blank canvas with plain white walls and natural wood floors, (yay!) but zero personality. I’ve been shopping for lighting and shelving and I’m looking at different paint colors. I’m also swapping out the ceiling light fixture. On my Insta stories I share the old fashioned semi flush mount fixture that lives there now.

The space needs an upgrade so I went in search of the perfect replacement and of course like I always do I’m sharing some really great flush and semi flush mount light fixtures I discovered in my search!



beaded 3 light / conifer (also in brass) / brass triune

black & brass globe / space age goldbronze bands

cast porcelain / mod creation globe light / farmhouse black & white

quoizel geometric / ombre glass (also bronze) / gray silk

fabric drum / mid century sputnik  / crimped gold stripe

gold criss cross / steel art black


I’ll surprise you with the one I picked!