DIY: Criss Cross Vegetable Trellis

By Kate Riley July 17, 2019

*This project brought to you in partnership with Arrow Fastener™ tools.

It’s garden season! I don’t plant a big garden every year, usually just a few tomato plants, some green beans, maybe some squash and that’s about it. I do love having home grown tomatoes, especially cherry ones, they’re like candy to me and once they are ripe I snack on them daily!

I was challenged by Arrow Fastener™ to use one of their tools to build something unique for my garden, so I made a pair of criss cross vegetable trellises with lattice wood purchased at Lowe’s and I spray painted them black. I love the X motif, and they’re such cool looking supports for my garden tomatoes!



These criss cross trellises are easy to build! Tools you’ll need to build just one trellis (“double the recipe” for two): Arrow Fastener™ Electric Staple Gun and Nailer; T50 heavy duty ½ inch staples; 6 eight foot 1 ½” pieces of lattice (for frame); 4 eight foot 1” pieces of lattice (for criss cross); 6 broad 1” hinges; miter saw; spray paint or stain (optional).



Step One: Cut the 8’ pieces of 1½” lattice into eight 48” and eight 18” strips to form the four sided frame. (The number of pieces shown below are for two trellises so there are 16 pieces).


Cut just one end of each of the eight 48” pieces to create a pointy edge to help the structure sink into the soil easier.



Step Two: Create each frame by securing the 18” pieces to the 48” legs using the Arrow Fastener™ Electric Staple Gun and Nailer and the T50 heavy duty ½ inch staples. I created the rectangle shape with the second 18” strip secured 27” below the top 18” strip.





Step Three: Cut the 1” lattice strips with the miter saw to fit the size of the rectangle and form the X shape and secure the additional lattice with the Arrow Fastener™ Electric Staple Gun and Nailer.


Step Four: Secure the four frames together with broad 1” hinges.


So that the frame lays flat, make sure that the 90 degree angle of the hinge is inside the structure, this allows the hinge connection to sit between each frame and for the structure to lay flat for storage in the off season (shown below). You’ll only need three sets (six hinges total) to attach the four individual frames. (It’s a good idea to do a small pilot hole before screwing in the screws on the hinges.)

Attach the hinges where the lattice is layered so that the screws assist in securing the strips together and don’t poke through to the opposite side (as shown below.)


Step Five: Once the frames are secured with hinges they can stand freely on their own. Time to paint! Or stain! Or keep them natural, it’s up to you. I chose a black spray paint suitable for outdoors for mine.



Once dry, set the structures inside the soil and gently tap with a mallet or put slight pressure on the top so they sink in 6 inches to support your growing vegetables. This size is perfect for tomatoes, but would also work for beans or other climbers.






Enjoy these trellises as long as your vegetables are growing, then store them flat in the winter for future growing seasons!

This project brought to you in partnership with Arrow Fastener™ tools. All photographs, designs, and opinions are my own! Visit the Arrow Fastener™ projects page for dozens more creative DIY projects for home and garden.


Best Purchases from Amazon (in the last year)

By Kate Riley July 15, 2019

Well as everyone knows, today and tomorrow are Amazon Prime days, so there are lots of discounts happening online. I thought today the perfect day to share my best purchases from Amazon in the last year.

I’ve returned a few things to Amazon when the quality is poor or the item isn’t what was advertised. I shop for most of my skin care and travel accessories on Amazon, and I’ve been very pleased with, and made a lot of repeated purchases of these favorites!



I haven’t found a better daily moisturizer + sunscreen for my face than the Dermalogica Dynamic Skin Recovery. I’m in my forties and this product is really wonderful, a little pricey, but it has broad spectrum 50 spf coverage and is also not too thick, it has a lovely soft consistency to it. I use the Eva Naturals Retinol Serum at night 3-4 times a week, its Vitamin E + Hyaluronic Acid formula has anti-aging properties.

The TruSkin Vitamin C + Vitamin E Serum wakes up my skin in the morning. And twice a week I use the Australian Pink Clay Mask for deep cleansing, it has a nice feel and pleasant smell. My 15 year old daughter uses it too for her acne prone skin.


Favorite Oils

I’ll admit it, I’ve become addicted to oils. Not the essential blend kits from one company, no I’m referring to my own curated collection that I’ve fallen in love with over the years. I love all of these so much for different reasons.

First, the Suki Nourishing Facial Oil feels sooo good on tired skin especially in the morning or after a late night out. I love the Majestic Pure Arnica Sore Muscle Oil after a workout & shower, this is also nice for massage for sore neck or back!

The Ancient Greek Remedy Oil is a huge favorite of mine for allover body, and I also use it once a week (12-15 drops) as a hair mask. It has an amazing smell. I always use this Dry Oil Sunscreen on exposed arms and shoulders whenever I leave the house, it adds a little more protection to my first layer of sunscreen and has a great coconut smell, and people often tell me “You smell like the beach!”


Hair Products

My hair is very thin, it has been all my life, and I’ve always struggled with how to make it look fuller. I really like this Biotin Shampoo and Cel Strengthening Conditioner for daily use. I never use products like mousse or hairspray, but this Dry Volume Blast is AMAZING and it’s the only product I’ve found (and used for three years) that gives my hair lift and doesn’t weigh it down.




This Tripod + Selfie stick with Bluetooth is compact and the best tool for traveling. You can mount your phone and take pictures with the Bluetooth setting on the tripod or with a simple click as a selfie stick, I carry it whenever I’m traveling or out and about. For European travel, I bring this Adaptor + USB Charger so I can work on a laptop and charge my phone at the same time.

I’m a fan of these Waterproof Phone Pouches for going to the beach, the river, or the lake! Anytime I’m near water I always have one with me, you can take pictures or videos while your phone is safely tucked inside. And I’ve mentioned before in my long distance flight necessities article that I’m a big fan of this washable Trtl Neck Support Travel Pillow, it’s like a neck brace & scarf together and it supports my head so I can catch some ZZZs on a long plane flight.


Find all of these recommended purchases (and many more of my favorite purchases like this super cute summer top and the best winter beanie) in my Amazon Shop which I update every month!


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