Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley February 16, 2019

What is it about February that is so dreary? Ugh, I’m so over winter! We’ve had so much rain (and snow) which I admit is good for California but makes for miserable conditions.

I stay positive by remembering people and nature need periods of dormancy for rest because spring is truly just around the corner. :) Hope you all are staying warm amidst these last few weeks of winter!

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Long Distance Flight Necessities

By Kate Riley February 14, 2019

Last week I spent a eight days on a whirlwind trip to Australia and the flight is a long one, it’s just under 15 hours from LA to Sydney! For international or long distance flights I have my routine down to maximize rest and comfort. For my fellow travelers, today I’m sharing the kit of supplies I carry with me whenever I’m off to see the world and visit a new country.


watercolor world map by art prints vicky

I often take red eye flights and the plane flies through the night arriving in the morning in my new destination, so it’s key that I get as much rest and hydration as possible so I can acclimate quickly to the new time zone and hit the ground running.

I recently bought this washable neck support pillow to test on my flight back and forth to Australia and I love it so much more than the standard moon shaped neck pillow I used to fly with. It provides much better neck support and it’s more compact. I wrap it around my neck and it also covers my chin and lower part of my face with the soft fleece so I can mummify myself together with silk eye mask and hoodie. Do not disturb! :)

I always wear leggings and a cozy hoodie on a flight, I need my legs and arms to be totally covered and snuggly and I like to cover my head and ears with a hood to shield myself from air vents, lights, etc. This pink cardigan hoodie is my latest favorite for long journeys. I also take off my travel sneakers and swap them for foldable ballet flats for the duration of the flight.


These 7 ½” zip up travel bags are perfect for storing makeup, skin care, makeup brushes, vitamins, medications, etc. I keep them in my favorite carry on and then slip them into a travel backpack when I’m out exploring.

I’ve noticed that my lower back hurts after a few hours on a flight so I love to have a lumbar pillow for my back and an extra one for leaning against if I have a window seat. These smaller size toddler pillowcases work well for travel if you borrow an airline pillow.


I love love love this travel sized hydramist it smells amazing and makes your skin feel so good after a long flight. I spray it all over when the plane is descending and it totally refreshes me! I also love these facial sprays, they are nice too.

Coughing neighbors? Crying babies? I don’t worry about them because I pack foam earplugs and tune it all out! I know some people like noise canceling headphones but I don’t like wearing headphones while I sleep so I travel with just ear buds for music or podcasts and use foam ear plugs to eliminate noises when I’m catching zzzzs.

Guys, this tea tree salve is the bomb! This balm feels great on your skin and smells soooo good, kind of like Vicks Vaporub but better. It lasts longer than a moisturizer and it’s not as greasy as oils. On the last day of my trip I picked up a cold, and this salve was so nice to have so I could rub all over my nose and face and hands for the journey home. Highly recommended!



In addition to all these things, I also pack antibacterial wipes for wiping down my tray table, armrests, and entertainment screen. I bring soothing cough drops for the dry air and a travel toothbrush to use in the bathroom when I land. And I always bring a refillable water bottle to stay hydrated on my flight and for taking with me in my travel backpack when I’m out and about.

I know a few people who love compression socks for long flights but I haven’t tried them yet, have you? Another one of my petite friends swears by this foot sling for long flights, but I just prop my feet up on my carry on that I store under the seat. What’s in your kit for long distance flights? What tricks do you use to stay as comfortable as possible?


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