Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley April 21, 2018

Greetings from Austin! I’m visiting my cousin and exploring the city for the next few days, so far I’m loving everything! The barbecue, the breweries, and the vibe, so great. Austin is a beautiful place, those of you who live here are very lucky!

Favorite links below:

So relaxing! This black & white and plant filled home.

Well done! Another light and bright family friendly home.

I enjoyed browsing this Australian designer portfolio this week.

I love this breezy modern redecorated home in Toronto.

Eye candy for the open shelf lovers.

The 50 “most beautiful” cities of the world.

Men share the simple little things they love about their partner. Aw.



European Airbnbs to Bookmark

By Kate Riley April 19, 2018

Just yesterday I booked my two Airbnb apartments for my two week trip to Europe in June. I’ll be in Belgium for four days then I’m off to the Czech Republic for five days. In Belgium, we will see Brussels, Brugge, and Ghent and in Czech I’ll be in Brno and Prague. I’m so excited to be exploring two more European countries that I’ve never visited!

I’m a huge fan of staying in an Airbnb apartment instead of hotel for all of these reasons. While I do love tropical climates and sandy beaches, in summer, Europe is my most favorite destination. There is so much to see and do, I love meandering the streets, hearing the different languages, learning about the culture, eating the local food, and relaxing in the biergartens and piazzas and cafes while people watching.

I always look for a place with style, comfort, great reviews, and in a central location. If you don’t share a desire to visit Europe, you can still enjoy the eye candy of these well decorated (and budget friendly) apartments of Europe.

Explore Edinburg, Scotland by staying in this chic 2 bedroom apartment.



Want to see Portugal? Relax while in Lisbon in this airy duplex.


Soak up the sun on the deck of this ship with a view of the harbor in Amsterdam.


Dive into Germany’s history in the capital of Berlin with this contemporary studio.



See the beauty of Stockholm while resting in this modern loft.


Explore Bordeaux while staying in this central modern apartment.


Discover the charm of Vienna while staying overnight in this sun filled apartment.


Take in water views of Venice by staying in this contemporary apartment.


Explore Barcelona by day while spending nights in this studio in the heart of the city.


Relax with a lake view in this apartment in Italy, available in summer.



If you like this series, I can round up some more, just name the city you want to explore!