Weekend Reading 6.20.2020

By Kate Riley June 20, 2020

I spent most of my week hanging out with a handful of friends since we’ve all been so isolated for months! It was nice to spend a few hours reconnecting with the faces I’ve missed so much.

I’ve also been doing a lot of sitting, thinking, and daydreaming in the sunshine. I believe part of achieving healthy balance in life is not always being productive, but also taking time to rest. I love the leisurely pace of summer and it feels even lazier this year because of the impact of the virus on movement and activities. I’m rolling with it and actually enjoying it. Instead of traveling overseas or across the country, I’m visiting places around my county that I don’t usually explore, and it’s been really lovely doing just that. :)

Favorite links from the web this week:

Clever and practical: this outdoor dining ledge.

Simple and chic: This IKEA cane sideboard DIY project.

Beautiful exterior Dutch doors.

Wow —> Incredible imagined spaces.

An impressive double decker bus transformation.

Watch a terra cotta bowl come to life.

This watermelon basil slush recipe looks delish.

Emotional intelligence and the use of the awkward silence in conversation.


Gardening Formula for Tall Planters

By Kate Riley June 16, 2020

I was dining at a restaurant in Healdsburg over the weekend and as I exited I noticed the very tall planters outside the entrance with the gardening medley that never fails to produce an eye catching look. Perhaps you’ve heard of this gardening trick before? If it’s drama you want, then the “thriller filler spiller” gardening formula works every time.

I wrote about this formula eight years ago but I thought it was worth revisiting. The formula works just fine for medium sized containers, but like the pictures below that I took outside the restaurant, the formula is especially striking in taller planters.

Good thrillers are plants with spiked flowers or grasses that grow mostly vertical. They’re the eye catching centerpiece in the medley.

Good fillers are plants that fill the space in between the thriller and spiller, covering the stalks of the thriller and filling in around it. These can be annuals or even succulents, but they should be medium height to low growers.

Good spillers are trailing plants that grow over the edge of the planter and spill down and around it.

Here are five more examples of the formula, both simple and dramatic:


unsophisticook / source unknown x 2 / life on virginia street  / southern living


I hesitate to provide a list of exact plants because performance varies by region. If you want to recreate this look, find plants that fit the descriptions above at your local nursery or garden department.

But you’ll also need tall planters and two of them frame an entrance or decorate a staircase nicely! Real stone, cement, or wood planters are super pricey, and one single tall planter can run several hundred dollars. (I’m looking at you Restoration Hardware). But I’ve always been a “look for less” gal so I rounded up six more affordable tall planters made of composite, resin, and plastic.


26” fiberglass / 20” faux concrete / 21” faux granite stone

26” solros cement / 19.5” rust resin / 19.5” ella black

I’ve always wanted to recreate the look of a tall stone and cement planters with a plastic base. These DIY projects give me hope it can be done! I’m going to experiment with this soon.

transform plastic planters into textured stone lookalikes


make resin planters look like aged cement

use paint to mimic concrete

Have you recently found tall planters for sale at a great price? If so, please share!

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