Gifts for Pet Lovers

By Kate Riley November 21, 2018

Hello pet lovers and lovers of pet lovers… today’s gift guide is for the people in your life who have fur babies!

These gifts are for the fidos and felines, perhaps you’ll see one to gift and one to keep for your fur baby too.


fur mama mug / dog water bottle / floral dog collars (multiple patterns)

personalized pet harness / glass sleepy cat  / modern cat bed

knit cozy bed / puppy hoodie (3 colors) / canine dna test

 pet washer / ombre dog/cat collar / personalized dog treat jar

personalized food mat / raised pet feeder (more colors) / pet carrier (2 colors)

dog massager / waterproof car pad / dog pillow cover


More gift ideas coming soon!


Game Night Gift Ideas

By Kate Riley November 20, 2018

Some of the best memories I have from last winter include nights spent indoors playing games with friends or family. We would play liar’s dice or funny card games while we all sat around drinking wine – that is my favorite way to spend a cold winter evening indoors.

I’m kicking off a series of gift giving posts this week, starting with ideas for game nights because they are always so fun! I ordered several of these for my growing game night collection.

From top left:

Get to know people on a totally new level with Most Likely To.

What Do You Meme? is the adult game for friends with no filter.

When you’re waiting at the cafe for breakfast: the Game of Phones.

Make your way through a series of beer challenges with Beeropoly.

The Voting Game requires no shame! Learn your friend’s hidden flaws.

Embarrassing situations happen, how will you react ? It’s Awkward Moment.

Popular internet searches revealed in family friendly Search History.

A classic game that looks good on the coffee table too: Chinese Checkers.

Learn even more about the people you think you know with Never Have I Ever.

Answer questions laced with innuendo in quick time format with Quickwits.

Find the drinking game version of Battleship in the Battle Shot Game.

Creative questions = personal answers = lots of laughter with Loaded Questions.


More gift ideas coming soon!