Weekend Reading

By Kate Riley February 17, 2018

Hello! Happy weekend to you all. I’m busy hosting a party for a bunch of 14 year old girls today. They’re so cute, they just want to go to In & Out Burger, and then eat cupcakes and “hang out together for a few hours”. Ha! It’s a nice change from all those years of finding a venue, making party bags, buying balloons, blah blah blah, all those details that go into planning a kid’s birthday party when they’re young.

On Sunday, I’m working on a few little projects around the house, mostly organization stuff, all those corners that seem to be out of control and need attention. Also headed to the theater in a neighboring town where they’re showing old black and white movies. Sunday’s screening is The Philadelphia Story with Katharine Hepburn and Cary Grant. Have you seen it? I haven’t in years, but that duo is one of my favorites. Pass the popcorn!

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Patterned Peel & Stick Flooring

By Kate Riley February 14, 2018

I’m so totally bored with the plain Jane linoleum floor in my laundry room. I’ve covered it up with a rug for years but today I placed an order for a patterned peel & stick vinyl tiles that will amp up the style factor in that space.

In my search, I came across a lot of really cool patterns for floor installations from several Etsy sellers, and many of these are available for use as a backsplash or stair riser.

The encaustic tile trend is still going strong, and these peel and stick versions are a nice alternative that can give you the look without the cost especially if you don’t want to commit to permanent tile installation. Here’s a roundup of several cool patterns that would look great in a bathroom, laundry room, basement, you name it.



modern geometric



chalk grey abba



blue geometric



blue star



gray geo



blue mediterranean



moroccan geo



teal medallion



blue folk flower



blue geo



encaustic look



provence style


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