Weekend Reading 9.27.20

By Kate Riley September 27, 2020

Hey friends, hope you are well! I am having a great weekend! It was my birthday on Friday so we went on a zipline adventure high above the tree tops with Canopy Tours, it was a blast! I highly recommend it if you’re in Northern California.

Today I’m going for a bike ride with my son then out to dinner with my family in Sonoma. There’s a great Italian restaurant  (I mentioned it here) that has outdoor dining in their courtyard and I always love strolling the Sonoma Plaza in the late afternoon on a beautiful fall day like this.

Favorite links from the week:

This exterior designer has an amazing portfolio. He also wrote a book.

This Florida home is well decorated with coastal vibes, I love the checkerboard landscaping.

Inspiration: turn a blank wall into an entertainment beverage center.

Don’t miss the Etsy Design Award finalists!

Parents, you’ll love these DIY Lego display shelves.

How to compost without a yard.

How being mindful can improve your relationship.

I loved this podcast episode on truth telling between designers Tobi Fairley and Dayka Robinson.

Modern Gas Fire Pits

By Kate Riley September 24, 2020

I was visiting some friends out at the coast who were staying in their trailer at a campsite and invited me to share some food and watch the sunset. Once the sun set we built a campfire and sat around in foldout chairs watching the fire burn while listening to music. We can all agree, sitting by campfires and around outdoor fire pits are one of the best things in life.

Since we’re all home so much more this autumn season, one idea to extend time outdoors is to invest in an outdoor fire pit. You can build a wood burning one for a reasonable amount of money with supplies from the home improvement store. Any search engine will reveal dozens of tutorials on how to build one.

Modern gas fire pits are an alternative to wood burning fire pits. The provide heat and ambiance, but they burn clean and are more energy efficient. There is also less cleanup and no storage of wood required. Modern gas fire pits are run by either propane tanks or with a natural gas connection.

bodega los alamos

jute home

gonterman construction

architectural digest



source unknown


We see these modern gas fire pits increasingly incorporated into the designs of many resorts and restaurants and high end homes, but you can have one too! If you’re considering a gas version of an outdoor fire pit take a peek at these modern shapes.


stainless steel rectangle  / concrete & black

square bronze  / wellington square

black concrete circle (two colors) / bella stone (two colors)

black tabletop / black iron rectangle

light gray rectangle / roca fire table

ainsley square fire pit / black round concrete

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