Spotlight: Arched Entries

By Kate Riley January 18, 2016

One of my most favorite architectural details in a home is an arched entry. It can be the front door, an interior door, or transitions between spaces, but in just about every place I see them I am charmed.

Good flow is key in a home, and while I do like spaces that are open in concept, I also appreciate little nooks and corners that are created by arched transitions. The curve provides a welcome contrast to the many straight lines present in home construction and there are many: where the floors and ceilings meet the walls, tile, cabinets, and windows, it all adds up to a lot of squares. Introducing a graceful arch will balance all those angles. It can be an additional expense to create the arch during construction but it’s always worth it.

 arched entry green door


 arched black glass doors

via cote de texas

 arched glass doors

shm architects

 arched doorways (2)

kate marker interiors

 steel glass arched doors

ryan street & associates

An arched entry into an adjacent room will maintain flow and also add intrigue to a home. The lack of a door means you’re invited to investigate what’s around the corner.

Choosing smooth drywall to form the arch works well for bungalows, Spanish colonial, or contemporary homes, and it’s one of the details in this sunroom that make it a favorite space. To formalize a space or pay tribute to classic architecture, molding and wainscot will dress up the curve in traditional, colonial, or craftsman homes.

arched dining room entry


 arched transition to kitchen

jessica helgerson design

 arched interior entry

schuyler samperton

 arched entry coastal home

old seagrove homes

georgian home archway to kitchen

new england home mag

 formal hallway arched entry

robert elliot custom homes

 gothic arched transition

hugh jefferson Randolph

 arched transition with wainscot molding

brooke wagner design

 arched entry transition

tiek built homes

What say you? Do you have any arched entries or transitions in your home? Do you love them as much as I do?


  1. Oh gosh, we just sold a home that became a part of my heart after just two short years of living there. I thought maybe it was the wonderful memories we had there, but now I am starting to think it was the arches, lol. We had two arches down a long entry hall. My heart skipped a beat every time I walked in. How I loved that home and our life in it.

  2. Absolutely! We have 2 in our house-one is original to the house, we bought a tiny house, and built a 24 X 40 addition, and put an arched doorway into the hallway to the bedrooms, to carry the integrity of the original house throughout. We also collected antique doors with windows, and installed them in the dining room, laundry room, and going downstairs to the lower level. LOVE our Romantic Farmhouse!

  3. We do, going from our kitchen into the living room. It was original to the house and when we were gutting the kitchen, to change the floor plan and install new cupboards, the contractor suggested now would be the time to make it a proper doorway….ahhh…no thank you!

  4. We have two. One is right by the front door, it is the opening to the closet. And then there is another one that leads from the living room to the hallway. I’m not as enamored with them as you seem to be. :) We are actually contemplating taking out the closet one because it makes it very difficult to come in the front door if you are with more than one person. You have to come in, and pretty much stand in the closet to shut the front door. Although the pictures in the post make them look pretty and desirable.

  5. Well, I’ve always hated them, but when you share THESE pictures, I mean, wow! I guess it depends where they’re used, and the way they are done–some just look out of place, and there’s no visual interest in the material used to display them.

  6. I love them! They definitely add more character & charm than just regular old square ones.

    Lauren Baxter | Lovely Decor

  7. I have one – not quite as grand as these but an arch nevertheless off the foyer into a short DIM/DARK hallway which leads either way to the bedrooms which have quite large windows but the duplex house is surrounded by eaves so . wah wah wah! Overhead recessed lights don’t provide any atmosphere and no wall outlets/plugs to set up other lighting at this time. I’d be excited to have half as much light as in the Kate Marker Interiors pix. But I can dream and you’ve provided some beautiful inspiration pic, Kate.

  8. I love these! I have a rather large built in with a center arch and it adds such interest to my kitchen. These are just beautiful. My cabinets (top) are arched as well to keep the flow. Pretty pretty pics. Thanks so much.

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