Going Green: Botanicals on Display

By Kate Riley July 14, 2015

Winter, spring, summer, or fall, there is one subject perfect for any wall: those leafy green botanical prints that bring the outdoors in for a display of greenery year round. Botanical illustrations have been around for centuries but their appeal remains timeless, even as modern artists find new ways to express the features of leaves we love in sketch or watercolor or digital forms.

It’s universally known that the effect of green plants on humans is stress reducing. If you lack a green thumb for keeping the real ones alive indoors or simply have a desire to surround yourself with leafy plants, look to art and illustrations to make it so.

I attempted my own version of framed ferns years ago, they were simple and pretty and lasted about a year but eventually because of their organic nature and lack of any preservative turned brown, boo. Oh well, there are hundreds of alternatives.

The options for display vary; keep it classic with a balanced set of prints hung equidistant from each other or opt for an artful arrangement of botanical prints in an asymmetrical display. I’m inspired by botanicals framed traditionally as well as modern gallery wall collections.

framed fern art prints


veranda large scale botanical prints


framed ferns velvet green sofa


symmetrical botanical art collection


botanical leaf art print display

 images: my deer art shop / veranda / harper’s bazaar / oliver and rust / vt wonen


I found several Etsy shops/artists who offer leafy green botanicals, if a symmetrical gallery appeals to you, embrace the tropical trend with a set of palm prints from Beach House Gallery.

tropical palm print set


Or purchase a series of classic fern prints from Pixie Pixels.

framed ferns pixie pixels


Find cactus and succulent art at Color Zen.

cactus and succulent art


Find another great collection of fern prints at Botanical Prints Shop.

fern prints botanical prints shop

Or download these free fern printables from The Painted Hive.

free download fern prints


Perhaps an eclectic display is more your style?

asymmetrical botancial prints

vt wonen


Below are a few Etsy shops that sell both individual and sets of botanical prints:


eva juliet prints


Belle Mer Graphics

Eva Juliet

Rocky Top Print Shop



tropical garden

Illustrations & Things

Driftwood Interiors

Tropical Garden


palm tree


The Colorful Cat Studio

Secret Harbor Designs

Snoogs & Wilde


Happy hunting for a new print or two. How do you display botanical artwork in your home?


  1. I love all of these! My first baby is due in a few weeks and we are doing his bedroom in a woodland/camping theme and I’m trying to incorporate as much green as possible

  2. I love having botanicals in my home. Restoration Hardware had some gorgeous vintage ones in my store awhile back and I was super tempted! I ended up going a much cheaper route and making my own which look pretty good but not as gorgeous as RH. My wallet though- much happier!


  3. Back to back comments here on your blog. Commented yesterday and here I go again today. Have to let your readers know how great that link is to free botanical prints from The Painted Hive. That chick is amazing in everything she does. These botanical prints are outstanding. I downloaded them and printed them up and had beautiful wall art in thirty minutes.

  4. I love this! I’ve been framing plant prints for a while, but those shops are new to me. Thanks!

  5. This is a great selection of botanical prints! We eventually want to create a gallery wall of fern prints in our entry hall, but haven’t given it much thought other than “someday, wouldn’t it be nice…” I’m bookmarking this post so I can come back to it when we’re ready to decorate our entry hall!

  6. HA! How convenient. I was just toying with the idea of putting up some botanical prints in my dining room to fill a large blank wall. Thanks for the great options and especially the link to the free printable!

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