Takeaway Tuesday: Elegant & Energetic Bedroom

By Kate Riley April 22, 2014

With all the shades of blue I use around my own house, I’ve learned that injecting accents in complementary colors in coral and orange really does energize our home. When I spied today’s featured bedroom in House Beautiful and again on Pinterest, I couldn’t help but exclaim, “Yes, exactly!”

This laid back California home’s makeover was designed by Matthew Leverone. He states in his interview about this home’s updates, “I consider myself a modernist who straddles the traditional.” I so identify with that since I consider myself a traditionalist who will always dip her toes into modern! And isn’t it the mix of styles which keeps any room interesting? 

Here are today’s five takeaways from this elegant energetic bedroom:

elegant energetic bedroom

Images courtesy of House Beautiful

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  1. OOoo I adore the idea of adding orange or another bright colour to a bedroom. So filing this away when we redo the bedroom!

  2. I LOVE the combination of bright red and pale blue.
    and I can certainly identify with straddling modern and traditional decor; for a long time I thought they had to be mutually exclusive but I’m now finding ways to incorporate more modern decor into my somewhat traditional home. I’m a modernist at heart but I think there are ways to bring in traditional pieces to give your home a more lived in and comfortable feeling.

  3. Yes! When people use a cooler monochromatic color scheme it can really fall flat, but a few tiny pops of red, orange, or pink really make a difference, even if it’s just a vase of flowers!

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