Decorative Pillow Giveaway

By Kate Riley October 28, 2011

Hello hello and happy Friday everyone!  Thanks so much for all of your kind comments on yesterday’s post on creativity and Why I DIY, I’ve read them all and appreciate all of your perspectives, it’s a great conversation so join in with your opinion!

When I posted pictures of my fall mantel a few weeks ago, several of you asked me where did I get those colorful floral pillows on the sofa and chair.  Well I’ll tell ya!  They come from a fabulous Etsy shop I discovered called Festive Home Décor. After I found Michelle’s shop, I had a hard time picking just one!  It’s filled with so many elegant and modern pillows made with designer fabrics.

pillows in kates living room

Festive Home Décor offers pillow covers, cushion covers, and drapery panels, and all pillow covers feature the same designer fabric front and back. There are many designer fabrics including Kravet, Waverly, Richloom and more.  All products are handmade.

You’ll notice most of the sets of pillow covers in Michelle’s shop are around $30, so take note and bookmark Festive Home Décor when you’re inclined to switch out your look with designer fabrics at affordable prices.   

For those of you who want to shop now, Michelle is offering for two weeks only a 10% discount with the code: cent10

Now for the giveaway!  This weekend, Festive Home Décor is offering three lucky winners a $50 Gift Card to the shop, plus free shipping.  Woo to the hooo!

festive home decor giveaway


Eligibility to win one of three $50 shop credits to Festive Home Décor:

1) Visit Festive Home Décor and pick you favorite set of pillow covers then name them in a comment!

2)  For a second chance to win, link to this giveaway on either Facebook or Twitter, then leave a second comment sharing where you linked (FB or Twitter.)

swirl snip

Three winners chosen at random, giveaway ends Monday October 31, 2011 at 8 p.m. PST. US and Canada only.  By entering this giveaway to agree to this site’s giveaway policy and Official Rules of Entry. 


WINNERS:  #410 Heather Jensen; # 754 Stacey; #1,012 Mallory

Wanna know who won the Moroccan Pouf from last weekend’s giveaway?  Find out here (or if it’s you, you’ll see an email from me in your inbox!) 

That’s all friends, wishing you a fun and fright filled Halloween weekend!


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  1. Oh, it has to be the Suzani and Circles in Nile Denton by Premier Prints. I love that this combo has great colors and design. Super cool.

  2. I love the Accent Throw Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches – Black and White Damask – I am soooo tempted to buy them for the 10% off!!!

  3. I love them all! But if I have to choose one pattern, I think I’m in love with the chipper prints right now, especially the bright pink one!

  4. I love the neutral Suzani pillow covers. They would be a great starting point for our master bedroom makeover!

  5. What a great Shop!! I really like the Chevron Decorative Pillows…The Missoni styled ones. I’m crossing my fingers X
    camillastarks at gmail dot com

  6. I love anything chevron, but I aslo really like the Suzani design and the Kimoni Green

  7. Beautiful! I am in the process of redecorating our bedroom and would love some pillow covers! I love the corn yellow chain link, Suzani Pillow Covers Neutral Collection, and Stripes and Dots Gray and Olive Green on Natural. Our bedroom is going to be greys and yellows so all of these would be perfect!

  8. any of the ikat pillows are great, or the Owl Pillow Covers Decorative Pillows 20 x 20 Inches are super cute too!

  9. Ooooooh. I love them all!! I’m really digging the “modern large scale floral on red” but I wouldn’t hesitate to snag any/all of those prints she has- so pretty!!

  10. My favorite are the set of 4 Combo Neutral Collection with grays and golds. They would look great in my living room.

  11. Oh Suzani pillow covers, oh won’t I cry for you! Until I have those in my home, my days just might be blue!!

    (Sorry! But oh susanna immediately began playing in my mind!)

  12. I like all the ikat and suzani, but the kimoni green ones would be prefect for my guest room!

  13. What beautiful pillow covers, I’d have a hard time choosing! I love the teal damask and the neutral colored ones. I also love the suzani in gray!

  14. LOVE the chevron decorative pillows – particularly the neutral collection! My color palette for the new apartment is yellow and grey – so they would be heavenly!

  15. Great shop! For fall I really love the Suzani in Nile Denton-chocolate, aqua and rust on linen, so chic!

  16. Gorgeous! I think my favorite is the Invigorate print in red/gold/aqua. I have a vintage cane chair in my living room that’s in need of reupholstering (currently a not-so-lovely, nubby red fabric), and those pillows would be the perfect way to tie that chair into the rest of my space until I can get around to having it reupholstered! Thanks for the chance to win!

  17. Ooo, I love the invigorate in autumn, the modern large scale red floral and the navy blue damask pillow cases, just to name three. I would have a hard time choosing! But perhaps it would help me pick fabric for my living room curtains…

  18. I love all the corn yellow and white/gray pillow covers and could not choose! That yellow just really draws me in!

  19. Suzani and Circles in Nile Denton or the turquise dandelion! so many beautiful fabrics to choose from! thanks for sharing!

  20. It was sure hard to pick, but I decided on the Decorative Accent Ikat Pattern! I’m adding this shop to my favorites; the prices are excellent!

  21. I don’t know if I can even pick a favorite! It depends on where I would put them! I love the pink damask for my daughter, the navy stripe for my son, and all that yellow blue and gray for my living room. Gorgeous fabrics!

  22. There are honestly SO many that I love. I think I’d chose the Birdie Accent in Gray and Olive Green. Love the Suzani ones and the chevron ones too!

  23. I love the chevron lumbar pillow, and the Yellow and White Floral with Bird Accent – I actually had pinned it a couple weeks ago!

  24. OMG! I just bought Turquoise paint yesterday to paint my white turned ugly, off white bedroom! These pillows would be perfect!

    Pillows Suzani Decorative Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches- Turquoise, Red, Gray and White

  25. Thanks for the giveaway! I love the Invigorate in autumn colors you have. The colors would work perfectly in my house. Then again, so would the Glam Sweet Potato Orange and Aqua pillow covers…

  26. I want to say “ALL OF THEM” but I suppose I have to choose – I’m going for a grey/yellow scheme in my new place so I’m really loving the Suzani Blue Gray pillows for that little pop of blue that will break up the monotony. Love them!

  27. They are all so great! Top 3: Chevron Lumbar Pillow, Hot Pink and white Chipper, and Fire Dance Ikat.

  28. Love the Decorative Pillows, Throw Pillow Covers, Accent Pillows 20 x 20 Inches Suzani Pillow Covers Neutral Collection!

  29. The invigorate pillows in Autumn would be my choice too. They’re perfect for my color scheme.

  30. I love them all.. do I have to pick????

    I would probably pick the yellow and taupe on white floral with bird print AND I like the ones you got….

  31. Thanks for the chance to enter! I love, love, love (is that too many?? :) the Turquoise, Red, White & Grey pillows – the colour combination is stunning!

  32. I love Throw Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches Decorative Pillow Covers Cushion Covers in Suzani Blue Gray. SO CUTE and NEEDED in my new house! :)

  33. Wow, there are soo many beautiful covers to choose from. I’ve barely narrowed it down to two, the floral in coral & moss green and the butterfly nature script are my favs. Gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing, Kate and for the chance to win!! Happy and safe Halloween weekend to you and yours. =)

    ~ Catie

  34. I could hardly choose my favorite cause they’re all so beautiful! I love the moss green and brown Diamond pillow most for my living room. The Damask in Robin Blue pillow is my next favorite for our bedroom, and I especially love the Autumn Invigorate pillow, although I have no idea where to put it in my home. So many lovely pillows, too few places to put them!

  35. The pair of Suzani pillow covers are my favorite. They would work perfectly in my den.

  36. I love the Christmas Pillows Cushion Covers Decorative PIllows 20 x 20 Inches! They would look so cute for the holidays!

  37. I love them all, but I think I am most drawn to the Missoni style chevron pattern in golds, grays, and brown because I don’t think the design world is overly saturated with this pattern. (Although the thick navy and white stripped pillows come in a very close second!)

  38. Too many to choose…love the Autumn colors large scale floral pillows and the Suzani print in teal and grey. So pretty!

  39. I love the suzani and stacked bricks prints, or the yellow chevron! I am redoing my room with a grey, white, and yellow color palate, and those would be perfect!

  40. Definitely all of the Suzani prints and the black and pink birdie with the pink chevron pillow!

  41. I would love the Ikat accent pillow covers in Storm Gray. They would go perfectly in the bedroom I’m trying to finish :)

  42. I love the chevron and the chain. The ikat is great too! I’m thinking the bricks and missoni chevron are my favorites though. The grays and mustards are perfect!

  43. On a Chevron kick and I don’t see it going anywhere. I would love to add the Black and White Zig Zag patter to my living room!

  44. I LOVE all the blue chevron pillows! They would definitely help brighten up my dark living room!

  45. The green kimoni would be to die for in my bedroom… But what a hard to choice to make. They are all so beautiful!

  46. ooo there’s too many to choose from. I like the Blue Invigorate and the mizzoni multi colored chevron pillows.


  47. I would choose the Richloom Pranzo Black Throw pillow cushion covers. They would look great on my sofa!

  48. No joke – I just got back from the fabric store with the fabric in the first picture and then I saw this post. Yay – affirms my decision.

  49. I LOVE the suzani pillow covers! They are the perfect colors for my future, renovated master bedroom. They’d look so pretty sitting on the quilt I’m going to make for our bed. *Sigh* I have to have them!

  50. Wow, there are so many cute ones! I think my faves are Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry Sparrows in Bark. I have a thing for fabrics wtih birds lately :-)

  51. Definitely the Invigorate that you have. My couches are an olive green color and they would be perfect!

  52. Wow, they’re all so beautiful that it’s hard to decide! I think I like the multi-colored chevron covers the best. Thanks!

  53. The yellow ikat covers would be perfect in our family room! Lovely shop – thanks for finding it.

  54. I really like the Richloom Cornwall Spice pillows and all of the Suzani print pillows are fantastic!!!

  55. I’m all about the Stripes and Dots Gray and Olive Green on Natural. Too stinkin cute!

  56. My absolute favorite is the Pillow Cover Trio (20 x 20 Inches) in Corn Yellow and White! Yellow is my favorite decorating color all year round because it always livens up the house and makes me smile. I would totally use these pillows in a (future) gray and yellow nursery.

  57. I can definitely use any yellow or burgundy color combination pillows. Very good collection.

  58. Lots of great choices. I think my favorite would be the chain link print, but I can’t decide between the cheerful yellow or the neutral grey.

  59. I love the ones you got and the chevron in the fall colors. So cute and a bargain for two!

  60. I adore Festive Home Decor!! I am always perusing her shop :)

    Love the ikat, trellis and striped patterns the most, although all of her stuff is great!

    Have a wonderful weekend!

  61. Ohhh, love them all! The chevron stripe in spa blue needs a home on my master bed pronto! Also love the Suzani/Denton prints for my living room. This is trouble…

  62. Oh my gee they are all so pretty! There are many that I want, but I think my favorites are probably the Suzani Blue Grey covers. So fun!

  63. Wow, what a hard choice! I think I would choose the same as you! The autumn colors would look great in my family room!

  64. I Love the red suzani pillow, which will look great for the holiday’s with my kahki and white stripe ones! :)

  65. Oh please – Suzani Throw Pillow Covers (20 x 20) Inches in Lipstick Red and Chartreuse – not just for Christmas!

  66. Oh I love the Suzani storm gray and the Suzani and brick neutral collection pillows – both would go great with my new couch in my new house (we close on Monday!) I may have to get these!!

  67. My favorite are the Invigorate Accent Pillow Covers (like yours) because I have accent chairs in the same fabric!!

  68. I love the corn yellow chain link and chevron pillows!
    I’d definitely have a hard time picking from the shop as well, they’re all so beautiful!

  69. beautiful! Pillows Suzani Ikat Throw Pillow Cover Combo with Four 20 x 20 Inch Pillow Covers in Storm Gray

  70. Gotta go with Kate’s pic but in the blues and browns, the Blue Invigorate. They would be the perfect little bit of spunk that my living room needs!

  71. oh my — i switch pillows all the time at my house. what a lovely site to share with us. i love the yellow stripe combined with the yellow/gray bird pattern.

    here’s to hoping i win!

  72. I love the suzani & brick pilllow cases. I love anything that combines yellow and gray – so pretty!

  73. That shop is a great find, thanks for sharing!! I love the Suzani covers in red, turquoise, gray, and white. They would add a much needed pop of color to our living room!!

  74. Great pillows ! It’s hard to choose, but I’d love a pair of the suzani blue gray for my bedroom!

  75. Oh my gosh, it’s like she’s broken into my browser and ordered all the fabrics I’ve bookmarked! I love the taupe and robin blue bird floral. Too pretty!

  76. I fell in love with your pillows, so my favorite is Decorative Pillows Invigorate Accent Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches Autumn Colors. :) They are all absolutely wonderful!!

  77. My favorite are the Chevron Zig Zag pillow covers in rust – they are the perfect pillows to complete my bedding!

  78. I’m about to start decorating our kitchen so I think I would go with a couple of the sets since my window seat is 129 inches long: Four Pillow Covers in Storm Gray Chain LInk and Ikat AND Soft Turquoise and White Chain Link and Chevron. Gray and Turquoise. Ahhh.

  79. Stop it! I’ve been obsessed with her Etsy for weeks now! Love so many pillows!! My favorite would have to be the Suzani Pillow Covers Neutral Collection set! Adorable and so classic!!

    Thanks for this giveaway!!!

  80. i love love love the Suzani Blue Gray covers
    remind me of “Rangoli” – a traditional decorative folk art of India made on floors of living rooms and courtyards during Hindu festivals with loose color … absolutely BEAUTIFUL :)

  81. My favorite is 20 x 20 Suzani Pillow Covers Neutral Collection. They are a perfect match for our master bedroom colors!

  82. I love the blue gray suzani covers. but that’s just the first one that caught my eye, there are tons of pretty pillow covers!

  83. Have to have Invigorate 18×18!

    P.S. Linked it to my Facebook!

    Thanks for the inspiration! :D

  84. Accent Pillows Throw Pillow Covers Decorative pillows 20 x 20 Inches Sea Foam Green on Winter White
    thanks for the opportunity to win!

  85. About to re-do our breakfast nook and wanted some modern pillows to keep it from looking too country. Fingers crossed for the giveaway! My pics are the yellow/white floral with bird accent and the lulu stripe, also in yellow.

  86. The Chevron patterns, all of the colors are enchanting. But the I’m also pretty taken w/ the classy Christmas pattern.

  87. The gray and white damask is IDENTICAL to the pattern on a mint condition 1930’s armchair and ottoman I inherited from my grandmother. I have been looking everywhere for throw pillows to put on the couch to match the chair and really bring together our living room!

  88. I love all of them but I think the rust-damask would go best in the living room I’m trying to do over.

  89. Love the Blue & White Awning Stripe….takes me to the beach. The Caribbean. A cruise. Whatever, those are so cool!

  90. I like the blue/natural chevron or robin blue damask. Something in those colors for our living room that I’m re-doing!

  91. My favorite (if only it comes in more colors!):
    Pillow Covers Decorative Accent Ikat Pattern Designer Cotton Linen Blend by Kravet

  92. I absolutely love the Bright Green Dandelion pillows – they’d be perfect in my living room in Spring and Summer.

  93. i will take ANY of the chevron pillows – LOVE – and need new throw pillows sooo bad!! :)

  94. I love the Richloom Prazo ones for my living room couch. It is a deep burgundy color and I love those colors to accent in here.

  95. I’m loving the Trio of Suzani and Ikat Covers in Storm Gray. Super chic and they’ll match everything!

  96. I can’t choose just one…but on the top of my list would be the chevron pattern in neutral. I know just where those would go! Seriously, though…I don’t think there was one pillow case I didn’t fall in love with! Beautiful!

  97. It was hard to choose but I like the Christmas pillow & the yellow & white floral with bird accent!

  98. Oh, my gosh! These are so beautiful! I usually make my own, but her prices are amazing! I love all the grey and yellow pillow covers, they are so fresh and fun! Thanks!

  99. I love the Decorative Pillows Teal Damask Throw Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches Teal on Stone.

  100. I really like the Cornwall Spice Throw Pillow. It would look beautiful in our family room.

  101. I LOVE the Pillow Covers in Storm Gray. They would go absolutely perfectly on my window seats!

  102. So hard to decide! I like the “Pillows, Trio of Suzani and Ikat Decorative Throw Pillow Covers with Three 20 x 20 Inch Pillow Covers in Storm Gray” so I can get some of all 3 patterns!

  103. The Invigorate by Richloom..The blue, golds and ivory are just beautiful and would look stunning on my white couch..

  104. Wow I just discovered her a few days ago and finally ordered a pillow in the black and white chevron today. Looking through today I realized I really like the Richloom fabric in the peacock blue and olive green however I can not justify that purchase right now so winning this would be great :)

  105. I posted the giveaway on my facebook :) Man I just loved all the colorful pillows she has!

  106. I love the “Decorative Pillows, Throw Pillow Covers, Accent Pillows 20 x 20 Inches Set of 4 Combo Neutral Collection”. Even though it’d be for next summer they’re adorable!

    Pamela @

  107. I love the yellow & white floral with the bird accent, but I’d have to decorate a room around them because I don’t have either of those colors in my house. I’m really drawn to them though.

  108. I really like the flamestitch chevron in autumn colors of gold and teal. So many great choices though. Thanks for the chance to win.

  109. OMG!!! I absolutely LOVE the Corn Yellow and White Damask pillows!! Such an amazing talent making these and they are simply stunning!!!

  110. I love the Suzani and Brick Pillow Covers Neutral Collection! They would be perfect in my living room.

  111. Hmmm.. the Christmas word print would look great, as would the seafoam green leaves on winter white.

  112. LOVE the blue invigorate. So many good choices, and AMAZING prices. You are so right – I am bookmarking this site!

  113. love the bird motif and colour of Small Talk Yellow Black and Gray
    got my fingers crossed for our living room!

  114. Long name, but I love the Chocolate Brown, Rust, Blue and Olive Green on Natural Zig Zag Chevron.

  115. I’d have to be a copy-cat and choose the ones you ordered! I’m loving the Invigorate in Autumn Colors.

  116. I love the Blue Invigorate pattern, shown bottom right in the example photos. They work well for many different seasons and would look excellent on my couch!

  117. I love her pillows! I have them saved as a favorite shop on Etsy ever since your fall mantel post. I especially love the new Christmas fabrics that she has in the shop now.

  118. So many pretty pillows….I liked the Suzani Pillow Covers Neutral Collection. But, maybe I could get out of the comfort zone and go bold! Would love to win!

  119. L.O.V.E. the chevron with the grays and yellows and the Invigorate pillows! I usually make my own pillows because I like to change them up and they have a lot of the fabrics I’ve been looking at for a while. :) Fingers crossed!

  120. I love the Red, Black, Grey and White on Beige Invigorate Floral Pillow! They would look lovely on my couch.

  121. Have to admit that my favourite is the Pillows, Trio of Suzani and Ikat in the Storm Grey.

    Thank you for the wonderful giveaway!

  122. I love Michelle’s shop! I have purchased several from her and she does beautiful work and so reasonably priced. I like the Lulu in Lipstick. They would be a fun Christmas pop of color for our livingroom. Thanks for the chance on your giveaway.

  123. Accent Pillows Waverly Throw Pillow Cushion Covers Home Decor Small Talk Yellow Black and Gray 20 x 20 Inches :)

  124. I was just pinning pillows on Pinterest a few days ago! Oh how I need pillows for my new sectional! :) I actually like your pillows best but couldn’t find them on her website so I choose….Lumbar Pillow Richloom Cornwall Spice Throw Pillow Cushion Cover 14 x 20 inches.

  125. While I love the Modern Large Scale Floral on Red pillows, I don’t quite know where I’d put them. The Corn Yellow Dandelions pillows would add a nice touch to our guest room. Thanks for the chance to win!

  126. I love anything in the lime green, bright yellow or red. Like the Lipstick red suzani print or the green apple leaf print.

  127. What a great looking shop! Thanks for sharing it. I love the combinations she does, it would be helpful for scaredy cats like me!

    “Chevron Ikat Pillows Pillow Covers Combo 20 x 20 Inches with 18 x 18 Inches – Corn Yellow and White Chipper and Chevron Zig Zag” or “Pillow Covers Combo Cushion Covers 20 x 20 Inches – Soft Turquoise and White Chain Link and Chevron”

  128. I LOVE
    Accent Pillows Waverly Throw Pillow Cushion Covers Home Decor Small Talk Yellow Black and Gray 20 x 20 Inches


    Pillow Covers Decorative PIllows 20 x 20 Inches – Taupe and Robin Blue Floral

  129. Suzani Blue Gray please!! Although, I really want the ones you have but I didn’t see them on the site. :(

  130. Wow, those are all gorgeous! I love the Suzani Blue Gray and the Seafoam Green with the falling leaves.

  131. I missed out on your Fall mantel having just recently found your site. So glad to see it and be led to Festive Home Decor.

  132. Absolutely adore her shop, I already bought two covers from her and they are fantastic! Exactly what I wanted at a fantastic price! I’ve got a really bad case of the gimmies for those new missoni style chevron covers, GORGEOUS!

  133. Oh my – these are fantastic! I am not sure how to pick, but the Suzani print would go great with my yellow/mustard walls and white furniture. Thank you for this introduction and opportunity!

  134. I love the corn yellow and white chain link pillow covers, they would look great in my living room.

  135. I don’t see them on the website, but I want the set you have. They are a great color combination for my den that I have been searching for.

  136. Love the “Suzani and Brick Pillow Covers Neutral Collection” combo… thanks for the recommendation!

  137. So many beautiful ones to see and choose from! I especially love the Christmas pillows! Thanks for introducing me to this shop and thanks also for the chance to win.

  138. The pillows are beautiful.
    Would love to get the Suzani and Circles in Nile Denton by Premier Prints

  139. I love these pillows! Our living rooms is in desperate need of an update before hosting our first thanksgiving! I would choose the navy blue and white awning stripe and/or the blue invigorate! They’d be perfect!

  140. I love the Soft Turquoise and White Chain Link and Chevron. But I really can’t choose!

  141. I think I would have to go with Corn Yellow and White Zig Zag as my favorite (with Suzani Blue Gray coming in as a close second!).

  142. “Pillow Covers Decorative Accent Ikat Pattern Designer Cotton Linen Blend by Kravet”….i.e. the dark blue/light blue ikat!! love it!

  143. Decorative Accent Pillow Covers Large Scale Floral in Coral and Moss Green on Blue – love this Robert Allen fabric!!!!!

  144. I love the Owl Pillow Covers Decorative Pillows 20 x 20 they are perfect for my kids woodsy room. Thanks for the chance to win them.

  145. Gorgeous selection of pillow covers! I adore the Suzani and Brick Neutral covers!!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  146. I love Invigorate in blues and gold but a close second would be the damask in aqua. I love almost any shade of blue with aqua being my all time favorite.

  147. Love the teal on stone damask!! Beautiful! I also want to know where you got the gorgeous mirror on your mantle – this would look awesome on mine as well! Knew follower – thanks!!

  148. So hard to choose just one…all of the prints are beautiful. I loved the Chevron Decorative Pillows, Missoni Style Pillow Covers Neutral Collection…I love the mix of yellow and gray just stunning.

  149. I love the gray & white damask pillow covers. They would be perfect for the changes I’m planning for my bedroom! :) Thank you CG!

  150. Big fan of the Suzani pillow covers. I love red and light blue together! Thank you for the opportunity!

  151. Lumbar Pillow Cover Decorative PIllow Cushion Cover Blue on Natural Damask. I just reupholstered a chair that this pillow would look great on.

  152. The Chevron, Missoni Style Collection would get me going for my guest room project makeover. I’ve been in love with grey and how it really works as a neutral.

  153. I just ordered those exact same pillow covers you have…I wish I’d know about the discount sooner!! I also love the corn yellow and white damask!! But, really I love them all…

  154. Love Love Love them all!
    My fave would have to be Blue Invigorate!
    But I do love all the ones with birds…

  155. I really love the one’s Kate has, but I didn’t see that print on the website. So, I like Suzani Nile/Denton with colors of chocolate brown, rust and aqua on a natural/stone second best. I hope I win! These pillows are really speaking to me :)

  156. LOVE the Trio of Suzani and Ikat Decorative Throw Pillow Covers! Such fun patterns!

  157. Amazing pillow selection! I really love the Corn Yellow and White Floral with Bird Accent, and can see it fitting nice in the bedroom

  158. The owls! They are precious! I’m currently working on a nursery for our first child and the owl pillows would work perfectly!

  159. Fun fabric choices, my favorite is the Floral – Blue & Coral, love the bold colors to combine with my neutrals! Thank you for the great giveaway!

  160. I love the Ikat pillows! I actually have her fav’d already in Etsy! I love all the pillows!

  161. So hard to choose! I really like the 20×20 Sea Foam on Winter White for my living room or the Richloom Cornwall Spice for my rec room. How bout those Holiday pillows…so cute!

  162. I absolutely love the Chocolate Brown, Rust, Blue and Olive Green on Natural Zig Zag Chevron!!!!!!!

  163. Decorative Pillows Invigorate Accent Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches Autumn Colors Large Scale Floral in Red, Gold, Aqua and More on Ivory

    Love these!! SOOO much <3

  164. The owl pillow covers are too adorable, but I would most likely pick the Dewberry Sparrows in Bark for my living room sectional.

  165. It was hard to pick – they’re all beautiful! If I have to pick…I love the Suzani Blue Gray!!!

  166. Tough choice. I love the Yellow and White Floral With Bird . Just redid a bedroom in gray and that yellow would be a great accent color. Thanks

  167. Choose just one? I did, but it was difficult, very difficult!
    I *love* the Butterfly Nature print! Thanking you for the
    opportunity to win!

  168. It’s REALLY hard to decide, but if I was forced to pick right now, I’d choose the gray on white Chevron and the aqua on natural damask. She has gorgeous fabrics!

  169. LOVING the grey and white lumbar pillow! Just the right amount of geometric pattern!

  170. love the pink bird with black and white! in the process od redoing my daughters room and these would look great!

  171. Fabulous! Loving the Chevron pillow covers in the neutrals colorway! Amazing selection, it was hard to pick just one!

  172. I absolutely love the Robin Blue Damask Pillow Covers – I actually love everything in this shop – so beautiful. I had such a hard time selecting one thing!!! Love love love!
    Thanks for the great giveaway!

  173. The faux bois pillows– brown on natural caught my eye!

    For the holidays, I love the red script Peace on Earth design…

    Lots to love here! :)

  174. I love the Lulu striped pillows in red and chartreuse…. or the flamestitch in teal and gold.

    Georgeous pillows… I’ve added her to my favorites.

  175. So many beautiful pillows. The Black and Gray Floral on Ivory really speak to me this evening- vintage, restful, feminine. Great work!

  176. I love so many it was hard to choose! I would probably choose the Fire Dance Ikat pillows or the Decorative Aqua pillows.

  177. So many amazing choices – though would have to say my favorite is the floral blue and coral pillows.

  178. I’m gonna go with either the blue/natural or rust/natural zig zag patterns on first glance, but hard to choose! I love the gray and yellow suzani too, but not sure where I would put them.

  179. I just purchased this same fabric to recover my dining room chairs in! It’s just gorgeous! I think I would either like the Turqouise Chevron covers to coordinate with the pillows I’ll be making with my fabric or the Christmas Suzani and Stripe combo! Love her pillows!

  180. Oh, its so hard to choose! I guess I’d have to go with the gray damask. Thanks, Kate!

  181. I’m obsessed with mustard and gray so I’ll have to go with Suzani! Loved the whole shop…so much to choose from.

  182. The owl print is adorable and I also love the Faux Bois Brown on Natural. Really, I’d pretty much love any of them!

  183. I love anything with birds and love the Avairy 2 pillows. But really all the pillows are fabulous. Thanks for sharing.

  184. I love the magnolia covers!! I am about to paint my living room and those would be the perfect pops of color to go with the pale blue walls.

  185. So many great pillows! I love the Moss Green and Brown diamonds on Ivory! All the chevron is great too!

  186. Kate-hope things are going well for you! That was fun just “window shopping” for all the pillow covers! I like so many of them, but I think the Floral Pillows Blue and Coral Throw Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches, would be a fun punch of color at my house. This is wonderful giveaway! Have a great weekend!

  187. Combo Set of Decorative Toss Pillow Covers – Ready to Ship – 18 Inches – Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry in Lilac……These pillows are so beautiful. I love the colors, they are so vibrant!!

  188. Oh my, I love so many of them but I would go with the grey chevron covers and also a yellow print to compliment the grey. Then I would use this as a starting point to redo my master bedroom.

  189. oh fabulous shop! just added to my faves. i would love to get the bark aviary for the 18×18 pillows. that would go PERFECT in our living room!

  190. Corn Yellow and White Floral with Bird Accent Lumbar paired with the Missoni style Corn Yellow and White Zig Zag! The set would look fabulous with my duvet cover!

  191. There are so many to choose from, but I am actually eyeing those navy and white striped pillows. I have a set of cain back chairs that have been needing those pillows to tie into the rest of our living room color scheme.

  192. There were so many pillow covers that I liked, but would have to choose the Bark Aviary or the Invigorate by Richloom, as they would go with my living room area.

  193. Ooooh! Amazing fabric designs! So many to choose from, but I find my eye going back to my initial favourite: the black,white,grey & mustard coloured chevron pillows. Beautiful!

  194. Hard to choose since they’re all so beautiful, but I’d select the missoni-style-chevron, 20×20 pillow covers.

  195. the “Christmas Pillows Cushion Covers Decorative PIllows” are pretty cute. But I was really drooling over all the grey and yellow, I SO want to do a babies room in that color… in five years!

  196. What a great find! I love the Lumbar Pillow Richloom Cornwall Spice Throw Pillow Cushion — it would be perfect in my living room.

    Thanks for the great giveaway. Fingers crossed.

  197. Love your site, you are so talented!! Love festivehomedecor on Etsy! Really love these pillows, especially the Blue Invigorate! Luuurve!!!!

  198. I chuckle to myself as I think about how exciting a pillow cover giveaway is!!! Oh the life of a stay-at-home Mommy! :)
    I love the Faux Bois Brown on Natural! They would make the perfect pop for my very neutral Master bedroom!

    Thanks for this Kate!

  199. It’s a toughie, but I love any of the chevron, and the corn yellow chain link is just so perky!

  200. Another fabulous giveaway! My fav would have to vexing Suzani pillow cases…gotta love the gray + yellow color combo! :)

  201. I am really liking turquoise and red right now so the Suzani turquoise, red, grey and white with the coordinating Missoni inspired chevron pillows would lie amazing in my house! Thanks for this giveaway opportunity!

  202. Hard to choose but I’m seriously crushing on the set of 3 yellow and grey prints..

  203. I’m trying to add pink accents to my living room, so I really love the Hot Pink Ikat Pillow Covers!

  204. I love the Decorative Pillows Pink and Green Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Floral and Stripe Combo, but in actual fact they are ALL really lovely.

  205. So hard to choose!! I think I have a place for the corn yellow chain pillows, though. Thanks so much – fingers crossed!

  206. I don’t have enough beds or sofas to use all the ones I love. My favorites are any of the chevron patterns.

  207. i soooo love the top pillow!…with the brown, red, orange/gold,teal/blue flowers…but i did not see it in the sections on the site.

  208. I love the red background with the vibrant floral- purples, yellows, greens,oranges! Love it! And would tie several of my rooms together! I want them!
    Thanks for sharing the link!

  209. I really like the Suzani Blue Gray pillows or any of the sets in turquoise (my favorite color!)!

  210. Wow!!! That would be tough…so many cute ones. But, as of now, I would choose the Christmas combo set.

  211. Wow, what a great shop!!! I had a hard time narrowing down my choice. I finally chose the Pillows Suzani Decorative Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches- Turquoise, Red, Gray and White.

  212. The Floral with Birdie Accent in Gray and Olive Green on Natural background are gorgeous!

  213. The Decorative Throw Pillows Accent Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches – Gray and White Damask is so pretty!

  214. !Love the Black & Pink Birdie Pillow Cover & Coordinating Lumbar – Black and White Floral with Hot Pink Bird Accent!

  215. I just love the Cushion Covers Floral with Birdie Accent in Gray on Natural! So pretty! I want to add them to my new bedroom that I’m working on! They would be perfect :-)

  216. Love the lumbar pillow cover in yellow damask – what beautiful choices she has. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway!

  217. BLUE INVIGORATE! Oh my gosh…you have no idea how long I have been searching for the perfect pillows for my living room re-do…and these are the ONES! Pick me! :)

  218. WAY, WAY, WAY too many beautiful option to choose a favorite! Today I’m thinking about my living room, so loving the yellow damask. Don’t hold me to that choice tomorrow though!

  219. So, many pretty ones, but I think my favorite are the Bark Avery ones. Oh, I’d love to win :D

  220. There are so many beautiful pillows there! I really like the butterfly nature script pillows. Thanks so much for the giveaway!

  221. Hard to choose, but to go with my decor, I would want the Combo Set of Suzani and Circles in Nile Denton. She has a ton a beautiful pillows!

  222. Oh, wow! Super great shoppe and giveaway! Maybe the damask, but then love the Christmas combo or maybe the bark aviary???

  223. I’m loving the Pillows Suzani Turquoise, Red, Gray and White, but also the Suzani Blue Gray. Stunning! Thanks for the chance to win!

  224. The pillows are in gorgeous prints. My favorite is the blue invigorate!
    Thanks for the awesome giveaway, love ur website!!

  225. Liked a bunch of those designs— I really liked the pillow owls in color. Just looked like fun!

  226. Wow, what great fabrics and great prices! Thanks for sharing this resource! I’d love to do the rust on natural zig zag pair!

  227. I love the Suzani Ikat Throw Pillow Cover Combo with Four 20 x 20 Inch Pillow Covers in Storm Gray. I’ve been wanting to redo my master bedroom with yellows, gray and maybe another accent color (blue?). These would look adorable in my room!!!

  228. I’m a new reader, and I have to say, I absolutely love your blog!! You’re such a design inspiration.

    And all those pillows are so gorgeous, but I’d definitely have to pick the damask teal on stone pillow covers; my living room definitely needs a pop of that color!

  229. I liked so many of those I’d have a REALLY hard time choosing, but my faves are the Suzani Grey/Yellow. Seafoam green falling leaves and the Blue invigorate. Love ’em!

  230. Richloom Cornwall in red would do wonders for my dining area! Thanks for the chance to win!

  231. My favorite pillow was in the Richloom Pranzo Black fabric. Thank you for the opportunity.

  232. I love all the designs. So glad I found the site. I’d chose the Christmas Pillows – White with subtle red messages. I love them. Thanks for the chance to win!

  233. I love them all! But my favorite is the set of 2 Invigorate by Richloom in gray, red and black.

  234. My fav are the Butterfly/floral Nature pattern on a pale green like background. So! Pretty!
    Thanks for the chance to win and for showing us the site. I love them and will return.
    Thanks again,

  235. Thanks for sharing this….her pillows are gorgeous! I love the Red Cornwall by Richloom….I need new pillows….those would be nice!!

  236. I have been stalking that shop on my etsy for quite awhile. I want to replace my pillows, but I have a somewhat tough color palette to match. I am digging the turquoise chain link!

  237. Hi, those pillows are gorgeous! I would love to have the Black, Gray and White on Beige Modern Large Scale Floral That would be perfect for my living room!

  238. The Decorative Pillows Toss Pillow Covers – Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry Sparrows in Bark would match my couch beautifully!

  239. what a great find! very fair prices, too. looove the Flamestitch Chevron Missoni Style in Autumn Colors of Gold and Teal.

  240. Sooooo many to love!! I am actually in the process of choosing some pillows for a project I am doing, so thanks for this post and intro to ‘Festive Hm Decor’. :) Right now I have my eyes on the Blue Invigorate pillows. So fresh and bold!

  241. Love the Decorative Throw Pillows Accent Pillow Covers 20 x 20 Inches – Gray and White Damask! Would go great in my guest room!

  242. Oh my goodness, so hard to choose! My fave is the Summerland set of four in grey and olive green in natural {stripes and birds fabric}. They’d be perfect for my in-process re-do of our yellow and grey guest room!

  243. Beautiful Pillow Covers! I love the Chevron Zig Zag PIllows Toss Pillow in Corn Yellow and White Zig Zag. I also love the Decorative Pillows Pillow Covers Navy Blue and White Awning Stripe.

  244. These pillows are so cute! I especially love the suzani neutral in gray and gold to match my new golden yellow down comforter!

  245. Thank you, thank you for hosting a giveaway that includes Canadian readers!
    I love the Red on White Damask.

  246. What a tough choice!!! I like Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry Sparrows in Bark best. Thanks for the chance to win!

  247. Love the chevron decorative pillow set. Chevron is so popular right now & I love it! Thanks for the giveaway.

  248. There are so many that I like! Include the pair of the suzani and stacked bricks pillows in the softer tones of tan, pale gray, soft gold and white. Would look great on my dining room wicker chairs!

  249. I love them all! But I must have the pair of butterfly nature script pillows! I may buy them anyway even if I don’t win ;p thank you for this!!

  250. I’m having a big problem just picking one! I really like the Turquoise Ikat and the Charcoal Gray Ikat and the Seafoam on Cream Leaf and Acorn pattern! These are gorgeous!

  251. Seafoam green on winter white is beautiful and also the Blue Invigorate! Thanks for the opportunity!

  252. I love the Gray Damask Throw Pillow Covers Cushion Covers in Gray and White Damask. And the Suzani. They are all very nice.

  253. The white on grey damask !! It would be perfect with my Christmas decor… But the combos are amazing !! And the green and light blue Ikat… Did you say choose one ?

  254. These are beautiful
    My fave is:
    Combo Set of Decorative Toss Pillow Covers – Ready to Ship – 18 Inches – Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry in Lilac

  255. They’re all gorgeous. I love the 20×20 teal damask throw pillow covers and the blue on natural damask lumbar pillows.

  256. Wow, pretty good prices for such designer fabric! I LOVE the 20×20 Blue Invigorate pillow. It’s just like yours but in blue!

    Thanks for the chance :)

  257. I noticedy those pillows right away during that post. I love the blue version called blue invigorate. They’ll look great in my family room and I need some new throw pillows too!

  258. I love the Bark Aviary 2 Toss Pillow Covers – 18 x 18 Inches – Aviary 2 by Joel Dewberry Sparrows in Bark! Sooo pretty! It would be so good for adding an accent the couch I just got! I just got an apartment, and I bought an old couch from a garage sale. I couldn’t afford much else, and it would be great to refresh the couch with such great pillows! Thanks for doing this giveaway! I would love to win :)

  259. I luuv the brown, olive, blue, rust chevron stripes. I am going to order If I don’t win!

  260. Having a real problem picking just one! I like the chevron prints, the orange damask, and the Christmas set! Thanks!

  261. I see tons of pillow covers for my daughter’s new room, but I love the Blue Invigorate set for our living room. I’ve had this shop in my Etsy favorites for a long time :)

  262. How in the world do you choose? I really like the Large Scale Floral in Coral and Moss Green on Blue. They’re all beautiful!

  263. Love the Combo Set Suzani and Circles in Nile Denton, may have to repaint my living room to coordinate though. oops!

  264. Love Invigorate, the chevron multi-colors, and the damask. Oh, and the owl one. How can you pick??! All beautiful.

  265. ooooh. the Inches Suzani Pillow Covers Neutral Collection and the missoni Style Pillow Covers Neutral Collection make my heart pitter patter!!!

  266. I love them all – such fun colors and patterns! Love the Blue Invigorate and the Suzani & Ikat trio in storm gray… beautiful!!!

  267. My favorite are the Aviary Lilac toss pillows in aqua and lilac. We recently painted our master bedroom turquoise and they would be a perfect pop of color on the bed!

  268. Love the butterfly nature script pillows and also the Christmas pillows in red script!

  269. The gray, gold, and white Suzani pillows are my favorite. Thanks for introducing me to the site!

  270. Wow…I seriously can not choose just one as my favorite! Love the chevron, floral with bird accent, suzani, and LOVE the pillow you chose!

  271. OMG, I LOVE the Corn Yellow and White Damask cushion covers!!!! I’m not usually a fan of yellow but there is something about these that I’m really drawn to. Keeping my fingers crossed that I’m the lucky one….. :-)