Pretty Pretty! A Vintage Pearl GIVEAWAY

By Kate Riley November 5, 2010

Hello and happy happy Friday!  The holidays are upon us, so it’s time to start thinking about the ladies, men, and babies in your life!   This year, for Mother’s Day, I bought my Mom the Circle of Love bracelet from The Vintage Pearl, and she absolutely treasures her piece.  It’s the only keepsake she has with her four children’s name on it, what Mom doesn’t want one of those?

This weekend, I bring you a giveaway from one of my fantastic sponsors ~ your chance to win some hand stamped silver jewelry from The Vintage Pearl.  There will be two lucky winners of this weekend’s giveaway – each will receive a $75 dollar gift certificate to purchase something very special.  Take a peek at this small sampling of these hand stamped sterling silver pieces available.


vp necklaces cuff and pink ribbon

necklaces and spoons


Eligibility to win one of two $75 dollar gift certificates to The Vintage Pearl

1)  Hop on over to The Vintage Pearl and pick a favorite among this collection.  Come on back and leave a comment telling us which piece you’d choose if you won.

2) For a second chance to win, either tweet about this giveaway on Twitter, or link to this giveaway on Facebook, then come back and mention in a second comment where you linked (FB or Twitter).

Giveaway ends Monday November 8th at 8 p.m. PST.  Two winners will be chosen by

Good luck and happy fall weekend!!




  1. I absolutely love the dainty drop earrings but I think I’m IN love with the vintage lovebirds necklace. So pretty!

  2. I love the sterling cuff! I have tiny wrists, so it’s the perfect size. I think I would put some inspirational tidbit on there instead of names as a positive reminder :)

  3. oh, i am so in love with these pieces. the initials on a chain would make great christmas gifts for some of my dearest.

    thank you for the giveaway!

  4. Vintage lovebirds is so lovely. I have a mama’s necklace that I wear almost every day but don’t really have a piece to signify my love with my sweetheart (I don’t wear a ring). It’s nice to be reminded of both my loves!

  5. Such a hard decision!! I would pick the dainty drops or the layered circle of love. Such a neat sentiment!! The spoons are super cute too… My Grandma used to collect spoons and I have her collection!

  6. ooh…either the vintage lovebirds or the square names on a chain… torn! Thanks for the chance!

  7. Oh how I love this type of jewelry! It would be so hard to choose if I won. I love the shutterbug necklace and I love the idea of getting my family name on a necklace. Thanks for the opportunity to win a fabulous prize!

  8. I love the dainty drop bracelet. I have five children and they would make lovely jingles!

  9. I love the names infused around my heart necklace or the circle of love bracelet. They are both beautiful!

  10. Love everything….but I think I would choose the Eternity necklace to give to my mom and mother in law for Christmas! great gifts!!

  11. I love so many things on that site…I think I would have to go with the “dainty layers” necklace – the cross, heart, and pearl. So beautiful and simple!

  12. I love the mother of pearl earrings for me, and the angel wing necklace for a friend of mine.

  13. I LOVE the eclectic necklace. Just the piece of non-cheesy mom jewelry I’ve been looking for!

  14. It’s too hard to decide on any one thing!! What are you playing at? I am heavily leaning toward the vintage love birds. So sweet. But of course there is the circle of love bracelet and the pearl earrings. I would be honored to own or give away any one of these pieces.

  15. Vintage Lovebirds is perfect! I don’t have children of my own, so the mother-themed necklaces aren’t a fit for me, but the Vintage Lovebirds necklace would be a lovely marker of my husband’s and my relationship.

  16. I love them all! I’d pick the Vintage Love Birds! When I was in jr high I’d put J+J on all my future husbands letters. YES I married him!

  17. I stamp too (although not as beautiful as hers) and I’ve had the one with Anna and Henry printed out FOREVER so that when I had a son I could make it for myself. Well…. after a long time waiting, turns out No. 2 is a girl!!! Now I have to come up with a different necklace. :( Still love her stuff!

  18. Love The Vintage Pearl — what a great shop!
    I would choose The Vintage Lovebirds Necklace.
    I like how subtle it is.

    Thanks for the opportunity to win! : )

  19. I love the Sign Language “i love you” necklace and the Vintage Silver Pendant necklance…can’t decide because they’re both gorgeous!

  20. What a great giveaway!!! I love it all, really, but I would have to choose the layered circle of love! Have a great weekend! :)

  21. OMG these are just gorgeous! I cant decide… I just love the little flower and circle, also the cupped sqaure with love, but I think the simple inital hearts, just because they are so simple. They would look so cool with my silver photo frame necklace (with a picture of my kids when they were little) that I wear everywhere, (and get sooo many comments on it) – just love them…. thanks!

  22. I LOVE so many of her items – they are beautiful! I think my favorite would have to be the stamped star – it’s so adorable!

  23. I would choose a flower and a circle or Bity Blossoms…hard to choose! Winning would help me decide!!

  24. dainty drops. been on my wishlist for a long time ;) one of these days im going to win one of these giveaways :)

  25. It is so hard to pick – everything is so beautiful. I think I like the vintage lovebirds necklace the best!

  26. I just like it simple…the names on a ring is just perfect! I want it for my sister who is about to give birth to her third! (c:

  27. I’m loving the “our family nest” necklace! And we’ve just announced to the family that we’re having a baby in May, so it would be perfect to get that for my mom for Christmas with all our names plus her first grandchild!

  28. I’d choose the layered “mother of pearl” necklace for my Mom this Christmas….pretty please?

  29. I will absolutely *faint* if I win this, but will quickly recover so I can wear the Vintage Lovebirds necklace very single DAY! Adorable!

  30. Oh My!! These are adorable!! I love the vintage love birds or the vintage silver pendants :)

  31. I would get the wide leather cuff bracelet for my husband with our names and anniversary date on it!!

  32. I ordered the flower and circle necklace for our son’s birth mother earlier this year and would love to have one for me!

  33. Oh there are so many pretty things. I would love to have the ecclectic necklace with my 8 children’s names on there. I would have to add to the $75, but so worth it!

    What a great give away!


  34. I love it all ! But if I had to pick a favorite it would be the Eternity Heart necklace. Ive always had a thing for hearts but have nothing in silver.I would have my girls and husbands name printed on it since they stole my heart after all :)

  35. I love the Vintage Pearl – my fave is the cupped square with love.
    – Danielle
    other-option AT hotmail DOT com

  36. Omg! How to choose?! I am in love with the Come fly with me necklace and the Bitty Blossoms necklace! Soooo adorable!

  37. I would love to get my mother the layered mother of pearl necklace with all the kids names on it. She lives about 1500 miles away from us so this would be a nice way to keep us close to her.

  38. I would choose the Layered Mother of Pearl for my mother. She is the wonderful mother of 12!! and I would love to get her this for her birthday in December or Christmas. For myself I absolutely LOVE the Layered Circle of Love!!

  39. These are so pretty~hard time narrowing it down to one, but I love the heart pendants with the initials :) thanks for the chance to win!!

  40. I would love the initial necklace. All my kids’ names are too long to put on charms :-\ And I love not quite perfect pearls!

  41. Just linked it too my facebook page :) Awesome giveaway this is my first attempt at anything like this , too fun !

  42. I would love the dainty drops. I have one for myself but should I win I think I will get my Momma one with each of the grandkid’s names.

  43. This is my 2nd entry by linking it to my Facebook Page! Thanks so much for the giveaway!!!!

  44. How do I choose? I love EVERYTHING! The leather bracelets are fun, but I think the dainty heart initials necklace is so adorable (and a GREAT value at $25!!)

  45. I love the sign language “i love you” charm! My Grandma used to always use the sign language i love you while we were leaving her home!

  46. I love love love the silver children’s spoons! I want one for my one year old nephew and his sister/brother that on the way in less than a month :)

  47. I’d love to get the wide leather cuff for my husband. he’s not a big jewelry wearer but I know he’d definitely wear this… so stylish and masculine.

  48. I would get the Rustic Bloom necklace! I love the contrast of the copper! They have so many nice things it is hard to choose!

  49. I love the adoption themed pieces. I should get one for myself even if I don’t win! How can the Vintage Pearl be so generous?!

  50. I love love the baby spoons with their names on them. I would love that for my daughter. I also love the mother of pearl earrings. Nice things for sure. Thanks

  51. This is a fantastic giveaway so first off thanks to both you and The Vintage Pearl!! Second, I totally want to score the vintage lovebirds necklace for my friend. She is getting married in 6 mos and she is a jewelry fanatic.

  52. My mom has been hinting about wanting a necklace with the grandchildren’s names. The layered mama’s necklace would be perfect!

  53. I really really really really time a thousand want the chunky message cuff! I love Vintage Pearl stuff but can never justify getting any of it for myself.

  54. I love any of them with baby names, but since I don’t have any kids, I’ll have to go with the “heart to heart” with my hubby’s and my name on it.

  55. I would use it to buy two of the Breast Cancer Awareness necklaces. I’d give one to my sister in law and her mom, who is battled breast cancer once and beat it, but now is facing a difficult fight once again.

  56. Oooh! I’d love to get the circle & flower stamped necklace for my Mother – gorgeous!

  57. My sister gave me a necklace for my birthday last year and I would love to add some small circle charms with my children’s initials. LOVE it!!

  58. I’d get the initials on a chain necklace for my Mom. I’d use the initials of all the grandkids (6 and one on the way!) instead of the kids. I meant to get one for Mothers’ Day but couldn’t get my act together in time. A gift certificate would be just the kick in the pants I need to finally order it!

  59. I would get “simple love with a copper heart” with both my boys names on it for myself. Then for my best friend I’d get the “momma bird,” as that’s what I call her (her last name has Bird in it). Everything is so cute! Will totally be using this site for gifts in the future!

  60. I love the dainty names necklace for my kids and grandchilden’s names.
    I LOVE Vintage Pearl and would be so thrilled to WIN!!!
    I was going to order the tiny hammered heart charm with the letter T… but my son Tyler was injured before Marine boot camp. But he planning to once again enlist, so I hope to order and wear that charm while he is apart from me.

  61. Would love to win-such pretty things! I especially like th sterling cuff with the names-would put my kids names on it. Thanks for hosting such an awesome giveaway!

  62. i bookmark this site and always come back to eyeball the different pieces. i just love the concept of the stamped metal! i would get something cute and simple for myself.. most likely just the flower pendant with my initials, then the family nest for my best friend who has 2 children. perfect christmas gift!

  63. I like the flower and circle. I’d get it for my daughter and her finance…..or maybe myself.

  64. Thanks for the chance at this give away! I really love the eclectic necklace! It’s very fun! All these items are very cool!

    Peace Sherrie

  65. i can’t decide between a cup of love, our family nest, and come fly with me. thanks for the opportunity to win!

  66. Soooo hard to choose a favorite! I think Come Fly With Me is just awesome. Vintage lovebirds is so great too. I love every piece in the simple collection.

  67. Oh! I love these necklaces! I just got married and just love anything with a lovebird on it- I know it is a bit corny, but I would love the vintage lovebird necklace with the initials a+d :)

  68. Oh this one is easy for me. I would love the circles with child’s name and birthstone necklace. How special!

  69. I love the Vintage Silver Pendant Necklace. It is hard to find a monogram that is unique, but simple.

  70. I would go with the layered mother of pearl necklace for my sister. I would love it if she had all the names of her kids on it.

  71. I absolutely love The Vintage Pearl. The pieces are so beautiful and unique. I have my eye on the Dainty Drops necklace.

  72. I am really drawn to the Vintage Lovebirds necklace. Everything is so dainty and pretty, though–I’d love to wear anything!

  73. I love the Vintage Silver Pendant necklace. The way it looks like a wax seal is just so cool!

  74. Everything is so gorgeous but if i HAD to choose only two (ok seriously, i tried to narrow it down to one, and i couldnt….so i’m pickin’ 2)…they would be the “heart on my wrist” bracelet or the “flower & a circle” necklace =)

  75. I love all of them! But, if I had to choose, I’d say “a flower and a circle”. I love that you can keep adding (because I’m not done having kids!) and you can choose a flower or a circle, depending on the child.

    Seriously, I’m glad you shared this sight. I’m a new reader to “Centsational Girl” and every day I get new ideas!

  76. I love the rectangular necklaces with my children’s names on it. I don’t have anything like this and have always wanted to get one. :) Thank you for the giveaway.

  77. My favorites are the layered circle of love and the cuff bracelet. Though if I win I should probably buy gifts and share the love. decisions decisions :)

  78. What a fabulous giveaway! I am CRAZY about the flower and circle pendant. I would put my sweet husbands and my names on them. ✿◕ ‿ ◕✿

  79. I love the dainty drops necklace – I’m a new mommy so I adore anything that tells the world about my new bundles of joy! =)

  80. So many pretty pieces to choose from…my favorite is the circle of love. thanks for the opportunity to win!!

  81. It so hard to pick just one!! I’m a spankin’ new momma and I am very obsessed with anything that I can put my sons name on! Such a great idea! I LOVE the “vintage silver pendants” and the “circle chain bracelet”

  82. I love the heart on the wrist bracelet. I thought I had commented before but can’t trace it. Ihope Ihave not duplicated.

  83. I love the flower and circle pendants and the birthstone ones. Ohhh, it would take me awhile to finalize…

  84. Thanks for the intro to such a cute shop! The Vintage Silver Pendants” necklace would be lovely, though it was hard to decide!

    Thanks for the giveaway, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

  85. i love layered circle of love! adorable! already thinking of the inscription . . . .

  86. I’d pick the sign language I Love You necklace! Both of my parents are deaf and I think my mom would loooove it! :)

  87. I am IN LOVE with the vintage Pearl and I’ve seen this stuff on your site before…ANYWAY…. the bity flowers are my favorites

  88. i NEED the africa necklace. i cannot stop thinking about it but just dont have the money right now. if i dont win this giveaway ill have to have it at the top of my Christmas list. i know that one day i will be doing ministry/missions work in africa, and may even adopt a child there. africa is my heart. :)

  89. The Circle of Love bracelet is beautiful and would be a great present for myself and to give to my mom.

  90. The thin leather cuff would make a great birthday gift for MEEEEE Nov.16th : ) Have a wonderful weekend and thanks for your blog…

  91. ooohhhh….. I love those baby spoons, and have actually given several as gifts; they are darling! Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

  92. The cup of love… no, the dainty drops with the matching earrings… so hard to decide!!! Thanks for the chance ;)

  93. I shared this on facebook, but felt guilty cuz I really didn’t want to – I want to win! ha!

  94. There are so many I LOVE…let’s see I think the rectangle names on a change, the dainty drops necklace…those two are what I’d get!


  95. The circle of love bracelet….who wouldn’t want to wear one of these beautiful pieces?! This gorgeous jewelry would go with anything from jeans to high heels, hoping I’m one of the lucky ones!

  96. I love the hammered star neclace and I would get it with my daughter’s and son’s initials on them.

  97. So hard to decide everything is so beautiful, but I would pick the Shutterbug necklace for my oldest daughter and the Baby feet in blue for my other daughter. Or Vintage Lovebirds for ME, cause my husband and I are vintage!! lol

  98. I love the flower and circle necklace. I’ve been wanting a mommy necklace for so long, so that is exactly what I’d choose. :)

  99. I can’t decide….I can’t decide….It’s sooo hard, but I guess I would have to choose the Circle of Love bracelet with my childrens’ and my husband’s names on it!

  100. Love this! My favorite is the thin leather cuff with courage written on it. Thinking I will need to get it for a Christmasgift no mater what!

  101. I love the Dainty Drops. . . have been looking at it for months since baby #3 was born and thinking I should get it with all the kids names on it. Fingers crossed! :)

  102. I would go for the “Names on my heart” necklace. I’m a heart girl and love the names on it. Plus while it’s simple it still has a classic pearl!

  103. I would love to get the flower and circle necklace for my sister’s birthday. She is expecting her 2nd baby in January and I’m sure she would love it.

  104. I love the square names with heart necklace. I have three children, two of which are step children x 5years. It is so important for us to remember we are one. Having them see they are included as my children always increases our bond.

  105. I would love to get the “Names on my Heart” for my daughter. She would proudly wear her four children’s names on the beautiful pendant.

  106. I love everyting!! I have been wanting a necklace of my kids names so anything would be great! I just can’t decide!!

  107. LOVE the flower and circle design! Would have to wait until Little Girl is born. She’s due Christmas Day!

  108. I would LOVE to have the Circle of Love bracelet with my 4 darling boys names on it!

  109. i really like the “a simple ‘i love you’ will do” necklace… too cute! i’d have it engraved with the love of my life’s name, evan asher, my little nephew :)

  110. LOVE the layered mother of pearl…and i’ve never won anything, so my fingers are crossed! xx

  111. I also posted a link on my facebook :)
    and am having a really hard time choosing just one item I would pick, love the leather cuff message bracelets!

  112. Oh this would be wonderful! I definitely LOVE the heart for Africa as we’re pursuing an Ethiopian adoption. But, the wide bracelet is lovely also. Thanks for the entry!

  113. I would pick the necklace “you are worth it all” and on the back I would have my future baby’s name engraved. My husband and I have been waiting over a year for baby. We are in the middle of the adoption process and that baby will be worth it all.

  114. The eclectic necklace is my favorite. It is on the top of my wish list…I’ve been drooling over it for a while now.

  115. I love the sign language necklace with 2 charms…very cool!! Lindsey75 at gmail dot com

  116. I think I’d choose the layered circle of love. My Mom always signs her letters with the saying, ‘My cup runneth over’. It would be that extra touch to my and my siblings names. A beautiful Christmas gift.

  117. Do I really have to choose? They are soooo lovely ;) I am drawn to the flower and circle… simple and so charming. Thanks for the giveaway!

  118. Love this! I love it all – I can see the thin leather cuff with courage on it as a great gift for my daughter.

  119. I am really loving the layered mother of pearl necklace right now, but I find something new to love every time I take a peek at her site!

  120. My all-time favorite since the first time seeing Vintage Pearl has been the Dainty Initial Hearts Necklace. One day I’ll have one, but would love to win it! Thanks for an opportunity. Veronica

  121. Omg so many of these appeal to me! And it’s amazing how many of them have the sample name, “Anna” which is my daughters name! I particularly love the “You are my sunshine” necklace because I have always sung that song to my daughter, including while I was pregnant!

  122. Oh they are all lovely, but I would get one of the layered necklaces with my daughters name (due in feb) and the tiny footprints stamp! I love that!

  123. the layered mother of pearl necklace!! i’ve been eyeing it for months now – so beautiful!

  124. I would love, love LOVE the “a flower and a circle” necklace with my daughter and husband’s names! It’s incredibly sweet!

  125. I would choose the “layered mother of pearl”. I’m searching for a personalized christmas gift for my Mother. She’s a mom to TEN children, and it’s the only thing out there that can fit all of our names. :) She’s an amazing woman, so humble, and likes simple things. That piece is so simple and sweet, she would love it.

  126. I would get the wide leather cuff for my son with Joshua 1:9 imprinted on it. He’s an Army Ranger and that’s his favorite verse. He’s not one for jewelry, but I think he’s really like this piece.

  127. The “you are my sunshine” necklace. My mom used to sing that to my brother and I when we were little.

  128. Way too many adorable pieces to choose from! But I would go for the dainty drops necklaces – 5 of them. 3 of my best friends for the last 15-20 years, my sister and myself have all had kids within months of each other, and it’s been such a blast going through this life experience with all of my best friends at the same time! I would love to get them all the necklace as a Christmas gift this year however they are just a little out of the price range we have set for friends gifts….but with the credit I could use it towards the necklaces, stay within our budget and give all of my friends a fabulous gift I know they will all love! Thanks for the opportunity to win such an awesome prize :)

  129. This jewelry is so beautiful! I would get the mother of pearl earrings and the bitty blossoms.

  130. I lived the antique silver stamped initial necklace with the double pearl earrings. Second is the teardrop necklace and earings. Third place is the layered mother of pearl necklace.ed mother of pearl.

  131. LOVE the dainty drops and the ‘i love you’ sign language. Definitely doing some shopping & xmas shopping here!

  132. I think I would go the a la carte route and choose a circle charm with a birthstone charm on the silver chain. So hard to choose though…they are all so pretty!!

    This is my first time commenting, but I LOOOVE your blog! You blog is the reason I have have my living room painted and am enlisting the help of my husband tomorrow to paint the rest. :)

  133. I would choose “a simple I love you will do” since I am getting married really soon and would love to have a necklace to wear everyday to remind me of the wedding and our love for each other.

  134. I sooo l-o-v-e the circle of love bracelet, but can’t get myself
    To spend the money to purchase one of these georgeous pieces I’m on a tight budget right Now but I do appreciate the opportunity to win a gift certificate towards these amazing pieces.

  135. I was having a hard time of deciding until I found the “You are my sunshine” necklace. I sang it to both of my boys when they were little.

  136. I would choose the initials on a chain for my hubby & I since we have no kids yet!!

  137. I like the vintage silver pendants necklace! So cute and charming without having your full name on something!

  138. I would love to win anything from Vintage Pearl because everything is beautiful, but I especially would love to win the Fused Heart Faith Necklace.

  139. I would love to have Names on a Ring. The simpliciy of these pieces makes them so lovely.

  140. I love the eclectic necklace. Both the dainty and the larger one. Everything at Vintage is so beautiful that it’s hard to choose!

  141. I love the vintage bird necklace or another necklace with my childrens names and birthstones. Such beautiful items and so hard to make a choice. But, I’d sure like to try with a gift certificate!

  142. I would probably pick the one’s with the children’s names and birthstones because my grandsons are dear to my heart.

  143. I love them all! My favorite is the layered circle of love. I know just who I would get it for!

  144. I would definitley go with the vintage silver pendants necklace with my sons first inital engraved in it. I have always wanted one and this one is absolutely gorgeous!

  145. i dont even need to go over to their website! I have had my eye on and LOVE the mama bird necklace and the one with the little bird eggs in a nest that you can get a larger disc around it with names. I am carrying our first little one, and I would love one of those necklaces!

  146. The vintage lovebirds were my favorite piece! I also love the names on a ring for my boys’ names!

  147. What a fantastic giveaway!! I would go with the layered mother of pearl, I love anything with mother of pearl. I think their website and jewelry are beautiful!

  148. Hi! I would actually have to choose the Handstamped Keychain for my mother with the exact words shown on her site “Nana Has Our Heart” and also would choose the Simple Initial hearts necklace with 5 hearts for each member of my family. :)

  149. I love the circle names on a chain. Would be great after baby boy number 2 is born in January. Thanks!

  150. I’d pick the circle of love bracelet with my nieces’ and nephew’s names on it. Thanks, Kate!

  151. They are all lovely but if I were picking one thing for myself, it would be the Flower & Circle necklace.

  152. Ohh, pick just one that is soo hard! I would have to say the circle of love! Thanks for the great giveaway and the daily dose of inspiration!

  153. There are so many amazing things! I would choose the vintage silver pendant necklace for my younger sister. She would just love it!

  154. I love the Dainty Names necklace. I have been ogling this kind of necklace for a long time and would love one with my kids’ names!

  155. I LOVE their jewelry!! I would choose the initials on the chain for my 3 girls. I love the addition of the pearl to their chains! Thanks for the great giveaway. :)

  156. Wow, aren’t they all just gorgeous?! Too many that I like, but the vintage letter pendants are so unique. I love it!

  157. I love the “Angel Wings” necklace. I went to a women’s college and our mascot was the “Avenging Angels”!

    The mother of pearl earrings are also especially beautiful!

  158. I would have to go with the awareness ribbon necklace. I have a special firefighter who would cherish it more than you can imagine. ~go Sarah~

  159. I love the vintage lovebirds necklace or the a heart for Africa necklace. Thanks for the giveaway.

  160. I am having a hard time deciding between the Dainty Drop pendent necklace and the Our Family Nest necklace. I have been looking for something for awhile now that would be a family keepsake that I could wear since I have had my two children. I also would like the drop pearl earrings to go with the Our Family Nest necklace if that is what I choose.

  161. I like the family nest, and though I would like to get it for myself, I would give it to my friend Suzi who was a single mother who got reaquianted with her highschool sweet heart and just got married in Oct. – I think she would love it being an artist herself!

  162. I love the sterling cuff or the vintage silver pendant necklace…do I get it for myself or my sister or my mom???

  163. Eternity heart and vintage love birds are my favorites! Would love to give one to my mom for Christmas :) Thanks for the chance!

  164. I would treasure the dainty drops. I would have my grandchildren’s name put on this necklace and wear it constantly. I LOVE this necklace.

  165. How beautiful!! My favorite is the” you are my sunshine” my Mom used to sing that to me everyday as a child and I always catching myself singing it to my girls!! I saw that and was teary eyed thinking of my mom singing it ♥ I would be so thrilled to have a chance to win this beautiful necklace. Thank you for offering such an amazing giveaway.

  166. I also just became a fan and shared it on FB!! My Birthday is tomorrow and what an amazing surprise this would be….crossing my fingers!!!

  167. Dainty drops necklace for my friend who just had her 2nd child and was on bedrest since 18 weeks for preterm labor among lots of other problems. She deserves this!

  168. I really love the Vintage Lovebirds necklace… I think I would get the initials and wedding date on their! I love Vintage Pearl and all their unique products! Best giveaway yet. Thanks for the opportunity!!! Keep up the great blogging! -Breeanna

  169. Love those little spoons would be such a cute heirloom like piece to pass on to the kids

  170. I love the cup of love with a pearl. So simple but so pretty!
    I’d have to give it to my cousin, who is a new mommy for the first time!

  171. Waaaay to many to choose from but love the circle of love bracelet. What a great idea for christmas gifts!

  172. Wow! How would I choose? I really like the cut out heart with the kids name on it.

    Thanks for the giveaway.

    Lynn G.

  173. I totoally love Vintage Pearl and have been scoping out the pretties for a while. I think I’d probably get a simple circle pendant with my daughter’s name, although those leather bracelets are really, really cool!

  174. So hard to choose, love soooooo many! I really like the eclectic necklace, but………….

  175. I’d choose the rustic cross – it has a cross & a pearl, which is something I’ve promised to wear every day of my life and with a recent theft of all of our jewelry is kind of tough to do right now. That piece is beautiful and simple – perfect. Thanks for the chance! Here’s hoping…

  176. I absolutely love the necklace with individual child’s names and birth stones!! My girlies would love seeing me wearing that around my neck. :)

  177. Thanks for the chance to win!!! I’ve been eyeballing this shop for quite sometime…LOL!
    If I won, I think I’d choose the Circle of Love bracelet with my hubby and kids names on it.

  178. I would choose the cute bracelet with the pearl and the word Hope on it because I think besides Love that is the best word in the human language.

    Thanks for all the fun giveaway chances and for your creative inspirations. I’ve referred so many to your blog.

  179. I would choose the mother of pearl drop earrings. The remind me of my soon to be sister-in-law who is simple and classy. I’m pretty sure I could get most of my Christmas shopping done here!

  180. I would order “a flower and a circle” as a Christmas present for my sis-in-law. Her babies’ names are Gracie and Nick. :) Thanks for the giveaway!

  181. I love the circle of love necklace … really anything with all 4 of my kids’ names on it would be special. Thanks!

  182. I love the dainty drops! What gorgeous keepsakes for yourself or as gifts – thanks for featuring such great sites. I love your blog!

  183. The Circle of Love bracelet is so adorable…may first choice :) And then I think I would do some more shopping!

  184. First I’d go for the Mother of Pearl earrings for myself…then a couple of delicate pendants for my great nieces! So many beautiful things!

  185. i would probably choose the names on a ring or the heart for africa necklace… they are all so great!

  186. I would get the dainty drops with my children’s birthstones. What a great way to keep them close to me all the time!

  187. Love the layered circle of love. Think I would put the words engraved on my wedding ring on one and family members on the other…beautiful!

  188. I linked in FaceBook…would love to see a friend win one of these too! Thanks to you and The Vintage Pearl for the generous offer!

  189. I would get the cupped square with love, since my daughter has my heart! I’d add a pearl because she is from China and crystals representing her birthstone and adoption month.

  190. I love the You Are My Sunshine necklace and have wanted it for awhile.
    Sweetpeonies07 at gmail

  191. I like the “Simple Sweet-Heart” and “Mother of Pearl.” Thanks for the chance to win!

  192. I love the baby spoons. I would get some for my sweet babies and also for the little nieces born recently. Thanks!

  193. Our Family Nest and The Circle of Love would be my 2 choices!!!! Love everything though and it took me 45 minutes to narrow it down to those 2…

  194. I am in love with the simple sweetheart necklace. What a great way to carry my daughter with me when we are apart. I am adding these to my Christmas gift giving list!

  195. Really, just one? Hmmm. Love the vintage lovebirds, love the mama bird, love the names on a ring and really any of the name charms. Puffy heart love TVP., pick me! Pick me!

  196. I would get the photo charm necklace…I would put a pic of my little girl in it!!! Thanks for the chance to win!!!

  197. I like the simple initial hearts. would love to have mine and my husbands initials and then keep adding to it once we have babies. :)

  198. I love the flower and a circle since I have a girl and a boy. Love the dainty drops too. Very cute indeed. thanks!

  199. It’s so hard to choose, but I like the layered mother of pearl necklace…It would make a great gift for my mother-in-law, who has everything!!

  200. I would definitely get my mom the mother of pearl earrings-they’re beautiful! Thanks for the website-what beautiful jewelry!

  201. Love the flower and circle, dainty drops, or that darling bracelet with the chain link that you have pictured!!

  202. I have had my eye on the vintage silver pendants necklace for awhile now. I t makes my heart go pitter- patter.

  203. I love the sterling cuff…simple and classic! My husband and I are trying to get pregnant…it would be awesome to be able to add a name to the cuff!

  204. I love the vintage love birds necklace for myself but I would have to get the large layers necklace… It would be the perfect gift for my friend who is pregnant for the first time. :)

  205. My favorite is a flower & a circle but since I already have that, I would chose the circle of love bracelet. It would make a wonderful gift or I might just keep it for myself :) Thanks!

  206. It is hard to decide between them all. I think my favorite is the layered mama’s nest necklace. Thanks for the giveaway, i would love to win!!

  207. Ohh – what to choose! Posted on facebook. The silver pendant name necklace is my fav! Just would have to decide to keep or give as an awesome gift. hmmm – Santa baby to bring to me!

  208. Id buy the circle and flower for a friend of mines mother who has been like my own mother for years!!

  209. I just found this website because of this awesome giveaway! I love the ‘a cup of love’ necklace and I would definitely put ‘Haiti’ on there to share my love and my missions work in Haiti.

  210. I love all of the pieces but my favorite is the dainty dots. Or the circle of love bracelet.

  211. I would pick, the I love you to the moon and back necklace, it would make a great gift for my Mom.

  212. I would pick the dainty drop braclet. The colors in the stones would make it so fun to wear!

  213. I love the dainty drops with birthstones of my two grandsons. This would be a fabulous birthday gift for my daughter.

  214. I would definitely get the little birdie necklace for my sister-in-law with my niece’s name – and a precious baby spoon for the darling girl herself! But all of it is GORGEOUS!

  215. I’d choose the bitty blossoms and add a charm. We just had our first child (a boy named Bradley) and so I’d do 3, my initials, my husbands and Brad’s.

  216. Okay, the men’s pieces are great. My hubby needs something with class as he is wearing a cloth black thingie as a necklace that he found on the ground! He deserves sooooo much more! :-)

  217. I really like the rustic cross…and the heart for Africa. I am amazed at creative talent and how the internet, among other things, has been a tool to appreciate all these really talented people. May the Lord continue to give creativity and the appreciation of it!

  218. I love the A Flower and A circle. I think all Vintage Pearl items are special due to the personalization. No one else will have my specific item. So lovely!

  219. This jewelry if fabulous, but I’m loving the eternity heart and the key to my heart necklaces! Just gorgeous!

  220. I would choose the names on my heart necklace. I am the mom of older teens and as they go off to college and find their way in the world, I know my influence on them is coming to an end but they will always be in my heart and prayers.

  221. My favorite is the dainty names piece! I would put my children’s names on them – Makena and Ryker. Gorgeous stuff!

  222. I would choose the vintage lovebirds. I am so in love with my man and the vintage style is so us!

  223. these are gorgeous!! I would do the ‘Vintage love birds’. How sweet are those! Just love it!

  224. I don’t think there is a necklace I don’t like and I really like the circle of love and circle chain bracelets!! Nice giveaway!

  225. I just love all their stuff – especially the rustic cross (so simple and lovely) and the “you are my sunshine” necklace – that’s the first song I sang to my babies. :)

  226. I am in love with the vintage bird necklace. It is so so cute!! I would have my husband and my initials put on the heart.

  227. It is so hard to choose one favorite! I love the vintage silver pendant necklace. Thanks for the opportunity to win!

  228. I’m in love with the mama bird – but I like a lot of other pieces, too. Yea for Vintage Pearl.

  229. Ohhhhhhhhhhhh……… yummmmm-o! Love this giveaway. PRAYING to win. :-)

    Love them all, but my fav is A Simple I Love You Will Do. Soooo sweet.

  230. Wow. What beautiful jewelry! It’s hard to narrow it down to one pick…so my top two picks would be the angel wing necklace and the vintage lovebirds.

  231. I would chose names on my heart, or bitty blossoms. So pretty!
    Thanks for the chance to win.

  232. The flower and circle necklace for me. It would be lovely to put my children’s names on these…..

  233. I love love LOVE the I heart Africa pendant. I would choose that for myself :-) since I just came back from a missions trip there. BUT to be generous, I would choose the layered pearl necklace for my sister.

  234. I love the “hope” bracelet! the message is timeless and the rings of the bracelet solidify the statement.

  235. I would probably go for the hope bracelet or the vintage charm necklace. The jewelry is so beautiful and unique. Thanks for introducing me to this website!

  236. I just had my first baby and for my Mother’s birthday I would love to get her the dainty drop necklace with my son’s name and birthstone. Love The Vintage Pearl…thanks for introducing it to me

  237. I really love the Vintage lovebirds necklace! But everything on there is great. So hard to decide!

  238. I LOVE their necklaces and really want to get my Mom one for Christmas. I love the eclectic necklace so you can put grandchildrens’ full names on them.

  239. I would pick the eternity heart, I think it would look great with my 4 kids names on it. Love it all!!

  240. I think I would get my daughter’s name on dainty drops. Or maybe on the rectangle name on a chain. OR I could get all the members of my little family on names around my fused heart. So many great options!

  241. A cup of love would be the one to go with for my mom, its simple and understated wth just the right amount of elegance. Just right and oh so pretty!

  242. I love quotes. They really inspire me. (Especially ones from Hellen Keller!) So, I’d choose the Chunky Cuff Message Bracelet. The Vintage Pearl’s creations are simple and beautiful. Thank you!

  243. LOVE the vintage lovebirds! Except that my initial is B and my husband’s is S…so B+S never looks very romantic! I guess I could go with S+B…

  244. Names on my Heart is the necklace I would like to win and put my name and my two sisters names on the heart.

  245. You’re blog is fabulous. I am always so excited to see what your next project is. And as far as the vintage pearl website goes, I love the thin silver cuff. It is darling.

  246. Although I’m partial to birds and the vintage love birds initially caught my eye, I love the simplicity of the the simple heart and pearl necklace. I’d love to have one with my son’s initial on it. :)

  247. LOVE the hand stamped cuff. I think i found something for mmy MIL for Christmas. THanks for sharing the website and this contest!

  248. I love the sweet baby spoons!! We are in the adoption process and those would be such a special momento when we are matched with our sweet babe!

  249. I love the vintage silver pendant necklace with three charms (for my three boys). Lovely items!

  250. I’d probably choose the large layers necklace with baby feet on the center. My husband and I recently had a miscarriage (1st pregnancy), and I’ve been considering ordering a necklace from TVP to commemorate our baby’s short life.

  251. I just posted the link to the giveaway on facebook and I hope more people take advantage of this wonderful chance to win such unique accessories!

  252. Everything is so beautiful! I would choose ‘i love you ot the moon and back’ for me and ‘circle of love’ for my mom!

  253. Love Vintage Pearl, and love this opportunity to add to my collection. I’m particularly fond of the petite eclectic necklace right now. Fingers crossed…

  254. Love this shop…. I there are many I would like to choose from but I think I would like something I could put my boys names on… so I would have to go with the “circle of love” or the “vintage pearl”. My fingers are crossed too.

  255. I love the “hammered star” and the “eternity heart”, but there are so many cute pieces that I’d also love to give as gifts. Thanks for hosting the giveaway.

  256. I’m a big fan of The Vintage Pearl & I’ve ordered from them before–but never for myself! I’d love the vintage silver pendants necklace with the “wax” monogram. Thanks for a chance to win.

    Warmly, Michelle

  257. I’d do either the names on a ring necklace or the sterling cuff. Both beautiful in their own way!

  258. What a lovely giveaway. The jewelry is all so beautiful; it would be so difficult to choose, but I am trying to take time for myself and my husband again, so I would choose the vintage lovebirds necklace and put our initials on it as a romantic gesture to honor the love of my life my husband of 18 years.

  259. Square names with heart for me. Would love to put my kids and husband’s names on there with that heart on top. :)