‘Mom Cave’ Contest Winners

By Kate Riley November 7, 2010

A very big thanks to all the ladies who sent in their submission for the HomeGoods ‘Mom Cave’ contest, via email or by linking to the party.  Let me tell you, it was excruciating, and I mean painful, trying to narrow it down to five winners, and then choose a top prize. 

It was such a delight reading each and every one of your entries.  The judges (Layla, Rhoda, and I) spent the weekend reviewing them.  I don’t think I’ll be volunteering to be a judge for anything anytime in the near future . . . it really was that difficult!  But after the votes were cast by three judges, and all criteria considered, it’s my pleasure to announce the following winners:

The top prize, the $250 HomeGoods gift card is awarded to, drumroll please . .

Blair of ‘Blair’s Blessings‘ ! 


I can’t resist, I must share with you her little ditty (to the tune of ‘The Beverly Hillbillies’)

"Come and listen to a story ’bout a mom named Blair,

Raising four kids, so time for herself was rare,

But then one day while folding laundry,

She had an idea that would set her mind free.

A "mom cave," that is. No more junk room, but something pretty.

With curtains, pictures, lamps, and some nice décor,

She could turn this room into something much more,

So that on those days when she really needs a break,

She can go into her "cave" and some projects she can make!

To sew and craft, that is. Read or pray. Enjoy her mom cave every day.

After a long day of homeschool, she could jump into the car,

Down the street to HomeGoods, it’s hardly very far,

Instead of garage sales and thrift stores, she could buy new stuff and rave,

That with her new gift card she could make a Mom Cave!"


Fantastic submission Blair, congratulations !!!


Also announcing the following four runners up:

Diane at In My Own Style (mother of two daughters who created her own Mom Cave, and who’s favorite quote is "To invent you need a good imagination and a pile of junk”  -Thomas Edison.   I subscribe to that!

Kimberly at Yep, They’re All Mine (teacher and busy mom of three, who says "I cannot afford therapy, therefore I blog")  I love that!

Natalie of Endless Crafting (another busy mom of four, dreaming of some sprucing)

Mary Gene (or ‘Tutu’, a grandmother and a special education educator who took in her daughter who is a single mom five years ago, and cares for her grandson every day.  (Email submission)

All four win a $50 gift card to HomeGoods!! 

Ladies, I need your address!

Again, I repeat, it was nearly impossible narrowing it down to just these five.  After reading more than 125+ submissions, I realized one thing.  We gals spent a lot of time talking about our ‘Mom Caves’ and rightfully so!  Moms are nurturers, providers, creators, teachers, and whether single or together with our mates, we are raising the next generation.  Truly, it is the best job in the world because it leaves the greatest legacy, and every Mom deserves a space, no matter how small, to call her own!

But we can’t forget the men in our lives right?  Many thanks to Amanda for linking to this video, I got such a kick out of it, I think you will too.



If you’re amused, here’s another link to ‘The Man’s Bathroom’, hosted by Tim ‘The Tool Man’ Taylor.   After all these years, it’s so funny how the idea of a ‘typical Man Cave’ stays the same: chrome, a cold brew, recliners, and the big game on TV.   Gotta luv our dudes !!

Want to create the ultimate Mom Cave?  I propose we combine Megan’s clothes closet with Natasha’s sitting room with Amanda’s bathtub and Melissa’s sewing corner with Lynn’s craft room or perhaps Terry’s craft room.  Don’t forget Cindi’s living room/office nook plus Lori’s craft closet and then of course if I go missing, you’ll find me in Modern Country Style’s bed, just snoozing away.  I remember the days where I wanted Calgon to take me away, and SJ’s toilet escape reminds me of those feelings.  :-)   Charlie summed up her feelings on what a Mom Cave should be in her poetic wishing, I loved that one too.

See what I mean about way too difficult to decide?  Seriously!!! 

Thanks to every Mom for your submission, you made it so incredibly hard to narrow it down, but still, so delightful to get to see inside your worlds. And a very big ‘Thank You’ to HomeGoods for sponsoring this worthy contest!

Cheers to the moms and congratulations to the winners!




  1. Congratulations to Blair-what a deserving winner. Congratulations also to the other winners.

    Thanks for the link to the YouTube clips and, of course, to my post -you are such a sweetie!

    Best wishes,

  2. I see what you mean when you say it was hard to pick a winner – but I think you, Rhoda and Layla made a great choice in Blairs submission – I found myself singing along to the Beverly Hillbillies tune in my head.

    Hopefully she will share once she has used her giftcard!

    Thanks for a great competition – it has inspired me to play with my spare/junk/craft/ironing room.



  3. What an honor! I’m in shock! My girls took over my “mom cave” with dolls this week, but they started cleaning it out last night. I’ll definitely be taking it back, getting those stacks of clothes out, and heading out to shop at HomeGoods very soon! I’ll surely post an update when it’s done!!! Thank you so much!

  4. Wow, so many great mom caves, I’m glad I wasn’t the judge! Thanks for the mention and link! I love my little sewing corner more and more!

  5. Thanks for hosting the party Kate! I enjoyed peeking into the other mom caves and really laughed at Momnivore’s picture of her little guy with the noodles on his head- somebody give that woman a space of her own!!! Congrats to all the winners:)

  6. Oh my word! I’m so tickled that you got a kick out of that video. I wasn’t sure if it was in poor taste to link to a video like that for a Mom Cave party, but I remembered Tim the Tool Man doing a few of those “manly” rooms on the show and thought that was the funniest one to link to. ;)

    Big congrats to Blair! How exciting…have fun shopping, Blair. :)

    Thanks again for hosting, Kate. I always enjoy linking to your parties…you have great themes. :)

  7. Thank you for all the time you put into judging. That’s a lot of Mom caves to sift through!!

    I love your idea of your ultimate house with bits from different posts.

    I’m honoured to be part of it!! I’ll plump up my pillows ready for your snooze – just let me know when you’re ready to come by. :-)


  8. Congratulations Blair…I really liked your ditty as well ;) I’m on a roll now with purging my stuff in my attic so that I can make better use of it…would so love to just grab a bucket of white paint and a sprayer to brighten it up…lol For now I’m take a 21-day challenge and purging all my stuff…anyone care to join me ;) Have a great week Kate, fondly, Roberta


  9. Of course, I am glad you picked Blair, my creative daughter! As far back as I can remember we have creative people in our family! It will be fun to see how the room all turns out and to use as a little get away cave!!
    Kindly, Janine Swan

  10. Thank you, Kate, for hosting this giveaway! We had so much fun showing off our mom caves. Blair really deserves to win and all the other 4 fabulous ladies. Really appreciate you mentioning my “toilet escape” :)

  11. Whoo Hoo! Tutu just found time to catch up on blogs, so glad I did….my address

    6439 Crampton Dr. N.
    Keizer, OR 97303


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